Опубликованы первые снимки с праздника детей Аллы Пугачевой The diva celebrated the third birthday of Harry and Lisa at the castle. Kids waited by weight of surprises. Photos with the participation of the celebrants and their guests have caused fans of Alla Pugacheva a lot of positive emotions.

      On September 18 the children of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, the twins Harry and Lisa was three years old. The star’s parents arranged for their heirs home party, inviting guests to the castle in the village of Mud.

      The first photographs of the charming heroes of the occasion and their equally lovely guests already leaked and caused a real furor among fans of the famous family. Lisa met his birthday in a beautiful dress of bright red color, which is incredibly suits blondes. Harry was dressed in a white shirt and blue stylish shorts.

      One of the first with the children’s holiday shared Philip, a son and a daughter who was invited to the celebration. But star dad, of course, was accompanied by his heirs. “Children’s party in full swing! Happiness to see our children grow up! May God give them happiness and most importantly health!”, signed Philip photo, which depicted Elizabeth in the company of Alla-Victoria, Martin and Claudia, the daughter of Christina Aguilera.

      All four of them incredibly charming, sweet, direct, and so sincere in his emotions that subscribers Kirkorov could not resist not to leave enthusiastic comments with compliments to little ones.

      “Cool kids! Lizaveta, Garik, happy birthday!”, “The kids really puppet. Them all health and happiness”, “What a genuine delight! Interestingly, there is was what caused the surprise?”, “Congratulations, birthday”, “Wonderful kids, congratulate them on their birthday! Enjoy them for a long time their parents!”, “What beautiful children! Congratulations on your birthday! I wish the kids good health and happiness!”, – write fans.

      One of the photos of Harry and Lisa are depicted seated on two-wheeled bikes. Apparently, this gift is the birthday of the twins gave their father Maxim Galkin. The kids look incredibly happy, moreover, to arrange veloprobezhki they can right the castle that Lisa did immediately.

      By the way, your birthday Harry and Lisa will celebrate one more time. Now in kindergarten, which they visited last year. Children of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin will celebrate the birthday in the garden

      Harry and Lisa will bring treats and will accept congratulations from friends.