Presenter of the First channel Diana Khodakovskaya gave birth to a daughter

Ведущая Первого канала Диана Ходаковская родила дочь Fans rushed to congratulate the girl with the addition to the family. 30-year-old star of the First channel gave to his beloved baby. Diana Khodakovskaya have already chosen a name for girl.

      In late June, leading the First channel Diana Khodakovskaya married the elect Artem Petrukhin, and now, six months later, the couple became parents. Good news a young mother shared with her followers on the social network page and did not hide, what name they chose for the baby.

      Diana Khodakovskaya married producer

      “25.11.2016 the long-awaited birth of our daughter Nina!”, – Diana wrote in the microblog.

      As it became known, the heiress Khodakovskaya was born in the Metropolitan hospital “Lapino”. Today Diana with her daughter was already discharged from the hospital. The followers of the presenter was quick to congratulate her with such an important event in my life. They wished the mother and daughter health.

      “Diana, congratulations! Let grows healthy and happy! It is such a joy! Congratulations!”, “Diana, Artem! Today so clearly I thought about you, so got on the net to be sure. Really felt all right. What happiness! Please accept our most sincere congratulations on the birth of your little wonderful Nina! Let it grow beautiful and happy to the delight of mom and dad!”, “Dianic, I congratulate you on the birth of daughter! Let the baby grow healthy and happy, and happy parents!” – rushed to congratulate the subscribers of the presenter.

      During pregnancy, Diana did not hide that she had a strange taste preferences. She did not keep it a secret.

      “Who would have thought?! Vnukevich in construction dust, I can’t breathe! Sharpen chalk with a big appetite. But still Mel for food is much tastier,” said the Hodakovskaya in the social network.

      Unlike some celebrities, Diana did not hide its interesting position and shared his thoughts with followers. “I am feeling very pregnant. But somehow I can’t still stop and breathe: why the fuss, are active. The benefit here, at last, now begun in my head nestling period, wrote Diana in the social network, two months before the birth. – After a few lessons at school mum for the care and dowry for the newborn, I’m not so much afraid of all these different bottles and fixtures in the store! Even helps the experience of friends who have kids already”.