Представлен очередной трейлер «Красавицы и чудовища»

The main characters of the future kinoskazki “beauty and the beast” we have already seen in previous trailers, but one more time couldn’t hurt.

The new trailer, character actor Dan Stevens shows more details: the Monster stands before us a truly frightening and intimidating. It seems that he will not be able to melt anyone’s heart. But, fortunately for him, in his life meets Belle, which is behind the external unattractiveness able to consider a good heart.

Many netizens after seeing the new trailer, said that the beast to them is the embodiment of Satan on the big screen it will look very spectacular.

The only thing that is not like most moviegoers, who are going in March to attend the premiere of “beauty and the beast”, is the secondary characters, who worked not so much detail as I would like.

Of course, the trailers to provide a General view of the not yet released film is extremely difficult. I hope it will be something really Grand and beautiful.