Дочери Сильвестра Сталлоне будут вручать «Золотой глобус»

Sunday, December 8, will be the long-awaited ceremony of one of the most prestigious film awards “Golden globe”. This celebration is called the dress rehearsal for the “Oscar”, because often the winners of “Golden globe” and are owners of awards from the American Academy.

As befits such an important event would be organized on the highest level. We have previously reported that the host of the evening will be Jimmy Fallon (remember, the performer several years in a row, refused to take upon themselves this mission).

Now, as for his assistants… Usually assisted by the facilitator on the “Golden globe” girl star daughters. At different times it was Lily costner, Lorraine Nicholson, Dakota Johnson.

The ceremony 2017 th this plan is different from the rest because it will involve three star heiress.

This year honorable mission “Miss Golden globe” will share the daughter of Sylvester Stallone: the lovely Sofia, 19, Sistin, 17, and Scarlett, 13.

We have no doubt that these three beauty perfectly cope with the task.

The previously announced list of candidates for “Golden globe”.