Pregnant Tatiana Volosozhar will celebrate New year in USA

Беременная Татьяна Волосожар будет встречать Новый год в США Skater for a longer period went overseas. Tatiana Volosozhar, who in February will be the first time mother, accompanied by her husband Maxim Trankov. Couple enjoying a day in America, and apparently, their firstborn will be born here.

      A couple of famous figure skaters Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov, as you know, are preparing to become parents for the first time. Tatiana is now in the last stages of pregnancy. The daughter of Olympic Champions will be born in February. Volosozhar and Trankov revealed the sex of the baby

      Despite the impressive time of waiting for a baby, celebrity couple decided on a long flight and crossed the ocean to meet the upcoming year in America. Most likely, the journey, the expectant mother Tatiana Volosozhar agreed on with their doctors. And the skater from pregnancy proceeds without complications, as she repeatedly said in interviews. Tatiana leads an active lifestyle and even a few times while waiting for the firstborn out on the ice together with her husband Maxim Trankovym.

      Overseas, the expectant mother feels great. Judging by the photos, which the couple published in his microblog, in America, they are perfectly spend time, enjoying walking and warm weather. The pair stopped in new York, then went on a tour to the neighboring state – new Jersey.

      However, the star couple not only walks a lot, but also pays for the dowry of the future daughter. Tatiana Volosozhar buying in stores cute baby clothes. Maxim Trankov captured the beaming wife on the endless racks of tiny bodysuits, camisoles and dresses.

      “The expectant mother teaches daughter to his favorite pastime – shopping at the genetic level,” was signed by the future Pope.

      Most likely, the first-born Volosozhar and Trankov will be born in America. Apparently, Tatiana decided to give birth to a daughter away from Russia. Hardly a woman in a big term of pregnancy, will cross the ocean just to have fun.

      And not so long ago, arguing about where she should give birth – at home or abroad, Tatiana Volosozhar admitted that friends and acquaintances advised her to choose the second option. In favor of childbirth in America is called not only climatic conditions but also the ability of a skater to be far away from undue attention.

      “First, I have the birth be in February. This time of year in Moscow is so gray, gloomy and depressing. And there – warm ocean, the sun. Second, fear of unwanted attention to yourself before the birth. Somehow, it seems that the longer you take, the more will be around members of the press, photographers and paparazzi. But on the other hand, to leave family and husband for a long time is not desirable. So now choose the hospital in the capital”, – Tatyana told reporters in early November.

      But as you can see, the desire to hide from prying eyes was stronger, and Volosozhar before birth, chose to leave.