Netizens are actively discussing an attack on Rasul Mirzaev

Пользователи Сети активно обсуждают нападение на Расула Мирзаева Three unidentified young men made an attempt on the athlete on the street East in the South of Moscow. As a result, the fighter was taken to a clinic in the capital, where he already had surgery. Meanwhile, Mirzaev members are actively discussing the incident and put forward their own versions of the attack.

      Famous athlete Rasul Mirzaev was urgently hospitalized due to wounds. In the night from 30 to 31 December, the fighter was returning from a meeting, when three young men attacked him, shooting him in the face from a traumatic weapons. Once Mirzayev fell on the asphalt, the unknown began to beat him with a wooden bat. Any valuable items and cash stolen was not. A number of publications put forward the version that the man wanted revenge for the incident that occurred about five years ago.

      CEO Fight Night, which is the athlete, Kamil Gadzhiyev reported that after the operation the fighter is resting. However, subscribers Mirzaev very excited. On his page on the social network they are actively discussing the incident. For many, it was a real tragedy. They say they can’t believe what happened, pray for the health of the wrestler is not deteriorated. Some especially focused on the reasons that prompted strangers to do such.

      For many it has become obvious that it is nothing like revenge. Someone suggested that according to Muslim traditions of revenge permissible in the case that committed the crime has not repented and has not suffered the corresponding penalties. Some users agreed with this version, because Mirzayev was not robbed, just beaten. According to them, it could be a blood feud. However, the followers believe that the attackers were too cruel to the athlete.

      “I hope he’ll be okay! Bad people are those who have done so. You did it man?”, “We pray Allah to help you. They will be rewarded for what he did”, “It was definitely revenge for last time, can’t remember the guy’s name. It cannot be otherwise. Why didn’t any of those things then?” asked followers in Instagram sports stars.

      Not everyone was optimistic. Some subscribers said they considered the incident a reverse process, when a person pays for what he did some time ago.

      “What did he want? We’ve got. Less smile is online, for some reason I was more than confident that Rasul is close to religion, especially after an accident when he killed that guy. Of course, it will condemn and curse, in his case he shouldn’t be so on display to behave like he does not care at all,” “And he thought so easy to get off? Man deprived of life, and he only injured and quickly depart!” said disturbance situation the followers.

      In the comments to pictures of the wrestler on social networks being present controversy. Some keep insisting that Mirzayev got what he deserved, while others want the athlete recovery.

      We will remind that in 2011 near club “Garage” in the center of Moscow during the isolated conflict between Rasul Mirzaev and the student Ivan Agafonov athlete so much struck opponent that he fell on the pavement. As soon as the victim was taken to the hospital, he fell into a coma and shortly thereafter died. Then Rasul spent two years in detention, while the investigation was conducted. As a result, the court decided to convict him for the death by negligence and assign a sentence of two years. But since an athlete has been under investigation all the time, he was released right in the courtroom.