Беременная Стоцкая перестала прятать округлившийся животик The singer and her husband are expecting their second child. Anastasia Stotskaya can no longer hide under their clothes an interesting situation. In the picture published in the microblog actress, she rotated so that her shape, especially with the upcoming motherhood, too obvious.

      34-year-old singer Anastasia Stotskaya is in happy anticipation of the completion of the family. However, on the upcoming joyous event, the star prefers not to spread. And until recently, the expectant mother chose these angles for photos intended for publication in the blog to see her changed form was impossible. Anastasia Stotskaya is expecting her second child

      Anastasia is almost never posed, or put on jackets and coats in fashion today oversize. Part of the pictures in the microblog singer very well and covers the tummy mom son Stotsky, five-year-old Sasha.

      And finally, Anastasia decided to declassified. Last the singer leaves no doubt in her upcoming imminent motherhood. Young woman posing in profile, as is well known, this perspective emphasizes the changing shape of the future mom. And even bulky knitted dress could not hide the rounded tummy of a celebrity. However, from reviews Anastasia Stotskaya again abstains, saying that the photo was taken backstage at the musical “Cinderella,” which the singer has visited with her son Sasha.

      “The musical is amazing, though somewhat different reading of the beloved tale. Sorry, behind the scenes managed to catch all the characters in the “disassembled” form. But Sasha is happy, I advise you to watch the whole family,” wrote Stotsky in the microblog.

      It should be noted that the fact that the singer is preparing to once again experience the joy of motherhood, does not prevent her to live a full life. Star actively worked the whole of December – toured with the show “Eva”, played a major role in the musical “flying ship”, took part in the filming of the Christmas skits on “Mosfilm” were on show in the Kremlin…

      And new year’s holidays Anastasia Stotskaya entirely devoted himself to his family and son. The star mom and her successor visited several shows and musicals, always coming to the delight of talented productions.

      By the way, favorite men Nastia looking forward to the completion of the family, the husband, the star restaurateur Sergey willingly performs all the whims of his pregnant wife.