Ani Lorak with her husband bought for my daughter first property

Ани Лорак с мужем купили для дочки первую недвижимость The singer and her husband Murat was made a Royal gift to little Sofia. The pair is now in Sochi, at the annual festival of Grigory Leps “Christmas at Rosa Khutor”. There’s Ani Lorak and her partner said “StarHit” about family traditions and a special wish little daughter for the New year.

      Ани Лорак с мужем купили для дочки первую недвижимость

      About dream child star parents found out a month before the New Year. Traditionally, the girl wrote a letter to Santa Claus, in which he asked a whole list of surprises.

      “They’re with the nanny began to write a letter to Santa Claus in four weeks, says “StarHit” Murat Nalchajian. She is an interesting desire was that she had to decode it. “Robot, some kind of dog with a helicopter and all of this together.” Then we realized that this hero from the movie. And fulfill the desire. And she asked the large rubber castle. It rubber. We night with Caroline went to look for him. The sellers smiled “you’re the biggest castle I bought that just happen!”. The first property of the daughter, you can say”.

      Traditionally, mom and dad put all the presents for the baby under the Christmas tree to new year’s eve she was able to open them under the chiming clock.

      “My daughter is so funny. Around the Christmas tree, saw all the boxes and asks, “can I open presents, see?”. We replied: “Each have their gifts to open,” continues Murat. – Then, when she found all the surprises, the coveted castle was very excited, I didn’t get out of it”.
      Ани Лорак с мужем купили для дочки первую недвижимость

      The husband of the singer recognized that the Christmas holidays for their families. This time the couple spend with my friends, and most important night of the year at home with loved ones.

      “We don’t like noisy fun, in a narrow circle, create a holiday – says Murat. Last year I wore a Santa Claus suit, beard and white wanted to please his daughter. Quietly entered the room where sat the guests began to congratulate. The daughter didn’t know I was. She stared at it. And then I pushed the beard… She was so surprised, laughed: “this you, dad!”

      Ани Лорак с мужем купили для дочки первую недвижимость

      Rosa Khutor Carolina and Murat arrived in Christmas. Before rehearsals, the pair took a walk on the Sunny quay of the ski resort, and bought a little souvenir for Sophia – a whistle in the shape of a Cockerel. Not left without gifts and they are the fan club of a celebrity found her in the crowd, was handed a set of Christmas decorations with pictures of the whole family and one big ball on which was painted portrait of Caroline.

      “My favorite fans are always encouraging me! – Caroline smiled, hugging the girl fans. – These decorations will appear in our tree”.
      Ани Лорак с мужем купили для дочки первую недвижимость