Стриженовы отправились в незабываемое путешествие
Alexander and Catherine reunited with her daughters.

Alexander and Ekaterina Strizhenov and her daughters Anastasia and Alexandra, and son-in-law — Peter

Photo: @Instagram strizhenovae Catherine Strizhenovoj

Alexander and Ekaterina Strizhenova a few years ago started a family tradition — but Christmas vacation to take the whole family on a journey of vivid impressions. That’s the beginning of 2017, the couple met not in Russia, and Hawaii. Together with his parents on the island went pair two daughters — Alexandra and Anastasia.

In the microblog TV presenter has already appeared the first family portrait taken in Hawaii. “How wonderful to be on the edge of the world! Between you and me 13 hours difference, day and night turned over… it is fortunate that we can support our tradition — every year a new place!” — said Catherine. She also said that at this time, for the choice of destination family trip answered her eldest daughter Anastasia together with her husband, Peter.

By the way, shortly before the New year, the youngest daughter of the star couple — Alexander celebrated his 16th birthday. On the occasion of the birthday of the successor of Catherine with her husband organized a party in the finale where the birthday girl gave an impressive three-storey cake. By the way, the girl already has a regular boyfriend, who gave her a birthday pet Bunny. Alexander and Catherine, by his own admission, a romantic relationship of a daughter with her lover not to hinder, because they themselves had an affair when they were only fourteen years old.