Passion alimony: famous fathers behave after a divorce

Страсти по алиментам: как знаменитые отцы ведут себя после развода “StarHit” recalls debtors and those who can’t imagine life without their children. Many famous dads strive to give the children as much as possible, while others will have to answer for the lack of support in court.

      Страсти по алиментам: как знаменитые отцы ведут себя после развода

      After breaking up with their spouses, some men forget not only about ex-lovers, but also children with you. Others, however, do not regret time, effort and money to raise kids, albeit living separately. Among the known personalities are members of both “camps”.

      Rare star divorces are quietly, peacefully, without quarrels and scandals. Mutual accusations and claims, impossible requirements… And then there’s the issue of alimony, which inevitably occurs if the couple had common children. Who of famous fathers failed to deal with this without harm to the child, and who had to demand money through court, read in our collection.

      Gleb Zhemchugov

      When Olga Veter has left the project “Dom-2”, taking the little boy, it became clear that problems in relations with Gleb by Zhemchugova reached its peak. A man and didn’t think to leave the telestroke behind his wife. On the contrary: he stayed and decided that it would be to conquer the new girl. But from the son of the Pearls not going to give up and explains that “the House-2” in this case is a stable job that helps him provide little Misha. And divorce, he said, will enable them to Olga to calm down and stop fighting.

      Страсти по алиментам: как знаменитые отцы ведут себя после развода

      Gleb promises to provide financial support for the son, however, doesn’t want these payments are called alimony. “I do think that men humiliating if he has to sue for child support! – Pearl admitted in an interview with “StarHit”. – I will always help my son not some limited amount, and in whatever way I can. I will give the last if necessary”.


      Страсти по алиментам: как знаменитые отцы ведут себя после развода

      Doesn’t want to hear the word “alimony” and former participant of “House-2” Anton Gusev, who after five years of marriage broke up with Eugenia Feofilaktova. Telling “StarHit” about their feelings about the divorce, he explained that without papers from the court provides son Daniel all the Essentials, including payment for services of childcare and education. Anton is often seen with a child, walking with him, playing. Man plans to live on. However, have to tell the boy that the parents broke up: now Daniel say that dad works a lot, why not get a home. Anton Gusev about the ex-wife: “Jack is not created for the family”

      Страсти по алиментам: как знаменитые отцы ведут себя после развода

      To the son in no way needed, Gusev is actively developing its business, in parallel with building a relationship with Victoria romanet. Although after parting with Eugenia fans began to attack Anton messages of a personal nature, he admits that he is not ready to such succession of events and happy only with the new chosen one.


      Страсти по алиментам: как знаменитые отцы ведут себя после развода

      Sometimes it happens that the actors repeated in the life stories of the films in which they starred. The fate of some awards love or unexpected wealth, the other problems described in television or film projects. Actor “Streets of broken lights” and “COP wars” Eugene cupino not lucky: he became a hero of the criminal chronicle.

      In the spring of 2016 artist declared willful defaulter alimony. As explained in law enforcement bodies, criminal case on this issue was opened in 2012. Yevgeny Chupin then after a divorce moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow. The bailiffs was not his new address, so the actor was listed as wanted. Unpaid alimony is not known, but Chupin says that the case is solved and he extinguishes the debts to ex-wife and children.

      Alexander Tsekalo

      Страсти по алиментам: как знаменитые отцы ведут себя после развода

      Showman and producer is happily married to sister of Vera Brezhneva Victoria. The couple has common children. But the ex-wife Lolita the site is Alexander claims, which relate to their General daughters of eve. Marriage to Lolita and Alexander broke up in 2000, when Eva was just a baby.

      The singer and TV presenter, Tsekalo practically not involved in the lives of girls. He rarely is seen with eve, almost does not communicate with her. And financial support from ex-spouse Palladium sees.

      “Only in the first year after the divorce gave alimony to eve, ten thousand dollars. Apparently, up to 18 years”, – said Lolita in the spring of 2016.

      However, the evil Alexander Tsekalo his previous wife does not hold. Eve Lolita says that dad loves her, and doesn’t come because he was busy. The presenter does not want that the girl has developed complexes because of my father.


      Страсти по алиментам: как знаменитые отцы ведут себя после развода

      Here who is the main star of the proceedings for alimony! A famous football player after breaking up with Julia Baranovskaya in 2012, he lost touch not only with former lover, but with three of their children. Financial aid two sons and a daughter he had not seen. Married Arshavin and Baranovskaya was not, therefore, Yulia qualify for some payments could not. But to be fair to the children fought desperately. And succeeded: in 2014, the court ruled that in child support Andrei Arshavin will be a monthly contribution of fifty percent of their income – about 5 million roubles.

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      His parents, Yana and Arseny signed a settlement agreement on the matter, which is observed until now. However, in the beginning of 2016, there was speculation that Arshavin owed the children a considerable amount. But the athlete quickly corrected himself, explaining that the problems arose due to wage arrears in the football club “Kuban”.

      Slava Nikitin

      Страсти по алиментам: как знаменитые отцы ведут себя после развода

      A striking pair of ex-soloist of the group Hi-Fi Thani Tereshinoy and TV presenter Glory Nikitin broke in the fall of 2015. The total ex-lovers daughter ARIS was left with my mom. A year later, Tereshina complained to media that the father places the baby in very little time. Yes, and the child support payments, according to Tereshinoy having problems…

      “My daughter, unfortunately, a year knows that’s an hour a week and all. A great tragedy, but it’s better than a broken child’s mind. There are dads cool, but mostly forgotten, many children, and with the beginning of a new relationship and stop giving money, it is clear and logical. Now I have on the agenda the question of alimony. It’s so horrible… I Never thought that this will affect,” wrote Tereshina.
      Страсти по алиментам: как знаменитые отцы ведут себя после развода

      Fans supported the singer, but the Glory Nikitin no official comment regarding these charges is not given.

      Ilya Yabbarov

      The star of “House-2” has repeatedly stated how it is important for family values. “Know that whatever happens, I’m always there at any moment you can count on me” – said Yabbarov to the former family in the air “House-2”. But as it turned out, his words not supported by: head of the insulator telestroke long time no see her daughter owed almost 300 thousand roubles of the alimony.

      Страсти по алиментам: как знаменитые отцы ведут себя после развода

      Vladislav was born in marriage, which collapsed more than four years ago. Now the girl is seven years old, but the father she can only see on TV: after breaking up with ex-wife Ilya Yabbarov stopped to visit the baby. After the proceedings on this subject in the “House-2” project participant stated that the child support is paid on time, and all the talk about the debt – a lie. That’s just the information was officially posted on the website of the bailiffs.

      Mikhail Trukhin

      Страсти по алиментам: как знаменитые отцы ведут себя после развода

      The star of the TV series “Streets of broken lamps” and “Treason” has a great relationship with the older children born in the marriage with Love Eltsova. Son Egor is already an adult, he lives in Moscow and studies in the College Theatre of Oleg Tabakov. But, my daughter Dasha, who lives with his mother in St. Petersburg, will be eighteen in two years. Michael is often seen with her when coming to the Northern capital, but to pay child support somehow stopped. So Love eltcova filed on her ex-husband to court.

      Before alimony actor listed regularly, so friends decided that he was just offended by Elcova when she spoke about the reasons for the collapse of the family. However, the Mikhail Trukhin in the program of Yulia Menshovoj “Alone with all” admitted that he sees his fault that the family fell apart: too little time to spend with family, often quarreled with his wife.

      Peter Krasilov

      Страсти по алиментам: как знаменитые отцы ведут себя после развода

      The actor, famous for roles in the TV series “Poor Nastya” and “Not born beautiful”, you know as a great family man. At various events he tries to appear with his wife, actress Irina Shebeka. However, the first serious relationship of Petr Krasilov – with actress Natalia Selivanova – ended parting. Son Ivan stayed with my mom.

      In 2013 the program “Let them talk,” Natalia said that at first Krasyliv almost never seen his son and did not pay child support, she had fully provide for the boy. Then the financial problems were settled, but to communicate with Vanya often the actor did not become. Note that Peter Krasilov tells about the same situation differently: Vanya it is found, though not as often as I would like – a lot of time takes work. And financial assistance was never refused.

      Alexander Zadoinov

      Страсти по алиментам: как знаменитые отцы ведут себя после развода

      To seek child support from the participant reality show “House-2” Elina his former lover Kamiren had a court. The official decision on what Alexander Zadoinov should transfer a quarter of their income to the needs of his daughter, Sasha, was taken at the end of November 2016.

      “My patience came to an end, – admitted “StarHit” Elina. – I don’t get Sasha a penny. Had endured it, because he knew that he had nowhere to take the money.”

      Cameran explained that now Zadoinov absolutely does not help her, all expenses – rent apartments, buy things for my daughter, payment of child care services kindergarten – she carries herself. Father of little Sasha, in turn, talked about the fact that it is not against to help the child, but while he has no stable job with a normal salary. And it’s true: the contract with the “House-2” the man was not renewed, he returned to his native Yaroslavl to look for a job there. So while the payout amount will be minimal.