Беременная певица Натали помирилась с братом The actress reconnected with a relative. Two and a half years ago, a man told reporters that he was offended by the famous sister and intends to tell the public the details of their family relationships. However, over time, Natalie and Anton managed to forget old grudges and to reconnect.

      Беременная певица Натали помирилась с братом

      The actress, who will soon give birth to a boy, it turns out, recently again became an aunt. Natalie’s younger brother, Anton, is now the father of two sons. A year ago, 38-year-old man complained of a grudge which he nursed on his sister, however, according to him, everything was good.

      “In our family, such wonderful news, just more strife there is no place, – said the “StarHit” Anton. – Natasha supported me when I found out how hard we have all been through. I was very pleased. The fact that the baby had to be born in January. But the pregnancy was extremely difficult – the wife did not actually discharged from hospitals.”

      In the seventh month the family was informed that there is a threat of life and child, and mother. It was therefore decided to induce labor.

      “I’m extremely worried for his beloved, – says Anton. – Walked next to her bed 24 hours a day. Natasha was supportive, and when our son showed himself to the world, sister was the first to congratulate us. The most important thing he was perfectly healthy despite the doctors ‘ prognosis. I think it was protecting angels. Named Maxim, in honor of my stage name – MAKS Volga”.

      Recently the child was baptized in Dzerzhinsk. In the sacrament were all close. Natalie to come could not, but conveyed warm words and wishes. The singer has already met with his nephew on Skype, he waved his pen, as he with astonishment looked at the phone screen. After birth, she promised to arrange a meeting in person.

      We will remind, family conflict Natalie was actively discussed in the press in the fall of 2014. Then the man said that his famous sister stopped communicating with him and refuses to help in the promotion of on stage. For a long time, the relatives could not find the strength to forgive each other old insults, but time will put everything in place.