Prokhor Chaliapin appreciated the new bust of Anna Kalashnikova

Прохор Шаляпин оценил новый бюст Анны Калашниковой The model is recovering after surgery to increase forms. Anna Kalashnikov became the owner of the chest of the fourth size. Ex-lover of a young woman, the singer Prokhor Shalyapin, gave her a magnificent bouquet of flowers.

      Прохор Шаляпин оценил новый бюст Анны Калашниковой

      Recently singer and model Anna Kalashnikov decided to increase your bust. To this end, the actress turned to a plastic surgeon. Currently Kalashnikov is recovering after the intervention of health professionals, and relatives of Anna trying to support her. Among them was the ex-lover Kalashnikova, the singer Prokhor Chaliapin. He sent the celebrity lush bouquet of flowers.

      Anna Kalashnikova increases the breast. PHOTO

      “Prokhorov was not able to come to me, because it is in new York. He apologized and sent me a huge basket of flowers white-purple roses and lilies in harmony with the interior of the chamber,” – said Anna Kalashnikov “StarHit”.
      Прохор Шаляпин оценил новый бюст Анны Калашниковой

      Recall that the actress has long wanted to increase their shape. Despite the fact that Anna had not complained of problems with his appearance, she was thinking about becoming an owner of a bust of the fourth size. The operation, which had to do Kalashnikova, was postponed several times because of what the surgeon was a little shaky. According to Anna, the doctor was very worried for her and was sure the patient was comfortable.

      In the end, despite all the difficulties, the Kalashnikov still went under the surgeon’s knife. Note that six years ago, she had undergone a similar operation, but then the doctors incorrectly placed implant. As a result, the artist always felt the discomfort. Before you decide on the second intervention, Anna has gone through a number of procedures. Medical experts wanted to ensure that her life is not in danger.

      “It’s hard to find someone who can trust not only their health but even life. Therefore, to decide on the surgery I could not as much as 6 years. But my surgeon Abakumov Alexander – a true professional” – shared Anna in his microblog.

      Kalashnikov also admitted that he wants to find a new life partner, and her bust needs to help. “For me it is important that the man was older than me. I need a responsible man who loves children, will be able to take my son and want more kids. I still dream of at least two – a boy and a girl,” – said the model.

      Recall that Anna Kalashnikov and Prokhor Chaliapin began Dating in the summer of 2014. Nine months later, the actress became a mother for the first time, but a DNA test in the program “Let them talk” showed that Chaliapin is not the father of the child. After that, Anna and Prokhorov for a long time did not speak to each other, but the ex-lovers still managed to forget the wrongs and start talking again.