The housekeeper of billionaire got his wife for the crime

Домработница миллиардера втянула его жену в криминал Businessman Sergey Razin cannot reconcile the contradictions with the former spouse. Julia accuses his ex-lover that he kicked her out and deprived of the opportunity to communicate with children. In turn, the entrepreneur says that the woman became a victim of swindlers.

      Домработница миллиардера втянула его жену в криминал
      Домработница миллиардера втянула его жену в криминал

      Recently the ex-wife of businessman Sergey Razin went to the police. Julia claimed that after 20 years of marriage husband left her four children and a roof over his head, forcing him to leave the luxurious mansion at Nikolina Gora. Recently, Razin became the heroine of the program “live”, in which he spoke about their problems in the relationship with a former lover.

      According to Julia, the husband was acting distant and cold attitude to their children. Only husband unemployed wife gave funds for the maintenance of heirs. Razin says that he, apparently, had another life. After the insulting words of Sergey Yulia went to the lawyers to divide marital property. Divorce she never wanted.

      “For 20 years I worked at home – mom and housewife. By law I own half the house, but I have no documents. The house was seized, in fact I own nothing. I owe my children indebted for life. During the marriage Mr Lavrov took a huge debt. Now I live with friends… Sitting like a mouse waiting to get back to the house to pick up the children,” said Julia.

      The woman also told about how she was kicked out of the house.

      “Sergey V. Razin kicked me on 19 January from the house which belongs to us by the court. First, we divided the property, and Sergei Razin subsequently divorced. It so happened that after the birth of their fourth child, he began to behave arrogantly and did not come home at night. On my request to buy me a car after the baby is born to replace the old and faulty reacted aggressively. He said, “You’re nothing and I can put you in a psychiatric hospital and you can’t do anything,” shared a woman.
      Домработница миллиардера втянула его жену в криминал

      The woman said that her husband threatened anyone who tries to help her. Then the Studio came Sergey Razin. He called everything that happened with Julia, staging. The man claims that it is an organized criminal group that wants to take over the family property.

      “Hell, our family started after we came up with the housekeeper, Svetlana. She put banks in the process of manipulation engaged in by suggestion. She convinced Julia that we are all bad, but it’s good. According to Svetlana, the information comes to her from God and the saints, her son worked as a driver we have – the future Patriarch, and the daughter – Matron”, – says Sergey.
      Домработница миллиардера втянула его жену в криминал

      According to the businessman, Svetlana tried to convince his wife different mystical things. But Julia denies these statements and says that the stories are fabrications of a spouse. The ex-girlfriend of the businessman turned to her for help because of health problems.

      In turn, the lawyer resinol believes that the entrepreneur deliberately accuses a former lover in a lie. The lawyer says that a man does not want to divide the property with Yulia and therefore is trying to discredit her.

      The eldest daughter Razin, 20-year-old Pauline also believes that her mother was a victim of fraud. In the conflict of the parents she took the side of the father.

      “The housekeeper is starting to affect my mother and she abandoned me and my sisters. She caresses and the heat was only little children… we used to be best friends, and now she was a different person. All the money that she was given, she carried the housekeeper and driver” – shared the girl.
      Домработница миллиардера втянула его жену в криминал

      In the final programme in the Studio appeared Yulia’s mother Tatiana. According to an elderly woman, her daughter was the victim of a treacherous Svetlana and her son. However, in spite of everything, Razin does not exclude the possibility to return Julia to the house. The same hopes, the eldest daughter of entrepreneur Pauline. Apparently, participation in the program made her businessman thinking.