Беременная Седокова столкнулась с предательством близкого человека The singer spoke about the pain. According to Anna Sedokova, she is very hard to breathe. Besides, the actress hinted that he had suffered from dishonest action on the part of men. Fans tried to support the star.

      Despite his interesting situation, Anna Sedokova continues to work. The pregnant singer has introduced a new song “First love” and also participated in the release of a collection of sweatshirts.

      However, in the personal life of the actress there were some difficulties. Anna confessed to subscribers that are faced with serious problems. Sedokova posted on the social network ambiguous post which thrilled her followers.

      “I understand that it’s hard for me to breathe. The baby presses on the diaphragm or betrayal to the soul, don’t know… “She is guilty”, you say true. “We told you so,” say all. You are right. But how to believe that people in a matter of seconds and changing from close to becomes a stranger? How to accept that to hurt another becomes as easy as saying Hello. I can’t stand pity. To yourself sure. I just temporarily difficult to breathe and tie his shoes,” shared Anna.

      Admirers of the actress supported her with kind words. “Anya, more positive emotions and beautiful thoughts and impressions, All will be well! We are with you! We love you and will support in any situation!”, “Don’t give the child the anger to the men and to the world! Now everything depends on you,” wrote the user of the social network.

      A few hours later Sedokova decided to get with the mood. According to the singer, she listened to your favorite music, let go of heavy thoughts and did the exercises. Anna gave a list of advice to his podeschi, noting that fresh complexion, makeup and massage will help to lighten the mood.

      “Not going beyond the usual, nothing in your life will not change! If you want to change, it must begin to act and live in new ways,” concluded Sedokova recommendations.

      Recall that soon Anna will be a boy. The name of the father of the child she carefully hides, because he feared to startle her happiness. At one of the events the star has promised fans that will tell all when fit. However, journalists managed to find out some details. According to several publications, Sedokova is going to marry the chosen one, who is several years younger than her.