Дмитрий Тарасов сообщил о новом этапе в жизни Soccer player spoke frankly about fatigue from excessive attention to his person. According to Dmitry Tarasov, he has never sought popularity. The athlete also revealed that he began with a clean slate and is not going to prove anything, commenting on the divorce with a certain leading.

      18 Feb, midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov first entered the field after a long break and had to play 67 minutes. The athlete took part in the match against Chinese club “Beijing Guoan”, which ended in a draw. The journalists were shocked by such a rapid recovery after a serious injury, which the player received last fall. Dmitry recently gave an interview in which he told about how he passed his rehabilitation and new life after a divorce.

      Dmitry Tarasov first spoke about the hype surrounding the divorce

      According to journalists, the athlete was treated by the new technology. Dmitry said that for the first time faced the similar. The clinic, which turned football player, is in Italy, and operated on a young male Professor Mariani. He once saved Romulo from the end of his career.

      Rupture of the crucial ligaments, after which Dmitry Tarasov was restored a few months, did not affect his resolve. “Injury is part of our profession,” said player, noting that he will never take care of themselves.

      During the conversation with the athlete, the journalists also raised the issue of his divorce, which for a long time discussed in the press. Tarasov said that is not going to prove anything to anyone or explain. According to players, he did not comment on the reasons for the divorce and does not plan to.

      “Since January 1, I have a new life, a new stage of Dmitry Tarasov. After the New year began with a clean slate. I’m not worried, I’m smiling, doing what he loved. I’m good. I know that this will continue. I mean no harm. I just scrolled a page. So sometimes in life many. It has happened to me again. So it should be. A dig to prove something to a person through the press or “Instagram” I will not. All people are adults, and there is no need to publicly write my social networks. We talked about everything. Set point. Then everyone goes his own way. I wrote in my post, that was good times, but it happened. I wish you all the best of luck,” – said Dmitry.

      The athlete also commented on the words of spiteful critics that he gained popularity by marrying a famous leading. Dmitry Tarasov admitted that he never aspired to fame. The player is not in awe of the fact that it attracted attention of the public. “I want a quiet and peaceful life”, – quotes Dmitry Cempionatam.