Александр Смерфит заговорил о любви к Виктории Боне The ex-husband of TV presenter broke the silence. The social network the man asked followers to stop talking about his relationship with Victoria. According to the businessman, they managed to disperse.

      Александр Смерфит заговорил о любви к Виктории Боне

      For several weeks fans discuss the gap presenter Victoria Boni with her civil husband Alexander Servicom. A couple who brings along his daughter angelina decided to leave. Ex-participant of “House-2” told about the problems in the family in his microblog.

      However, many felt that the reason for the civil discord between husband and wife was cheating businessman. Alex attributed an affair with a young model, whom he met at a party. Tired of such conversations and gossip, as well as attacks from the fans of Victoria, the man decided to explain what are now the relationship.

      Husband of Victoria Boni after a breakup left her with nothing

      “Treating with respect to the previous valuable relationship with the mother of my child Victoria, I would like to mention that it was a difficult decision, especially considering all the speculation and garbage around my name that appeared on the Internet. I think we are both overly exaggerated in response to the rumors, this is only due to the fact that we still care about each other. Our love is unconditional, but sometimes anger lead to misunderstanding. That is why we now live separately. We’re just people who respect our privacy and do not expect comments from us. We wish each other only happiness,” said Alexander.

      Some followers believe that he is not to blame, as people only provoke businessman your negative comments. However, the number of Internet users called the statement of Smurfit “Mature” and urged not to worry. According to some followers, the man still loves Victoria.

      Friends Bonnie believe that Smurfit mistreated the mother of his child. After breaking up, Victoria not received from him any property. According to colleagues of the TV presenter, she works tirelessly. “The Wiki has no financial problems. And in the family mansion near Monaco mother of a precious granddaughter welcomed with open arms. However, she still didn’t give up runs very much. In one Instagram advertising it is 150 thousand rubles per post. She makes them three to four per week, but not anymore. Trying not to clog the ribbon. And those things are not to her liking, of course, eventually agrees, but can raise the price tag up to 300 thousand! So she has all the chances to soon change his Moscow apartment on Mozhaisk highway, bought in 2003 for something more inspirational in the centre,” said friend Bonnie.