Ксения Собчак вызвала споры провокационным фото Members began a discussion about the beauty of the presenter. Ksenia Sobchak has published a picture without makeup. Fans were glad that celebrity is not seeking to improve your appearance with the help of numerous filters photo editors and especially not resorted to plastic surgery.

      Famous TV presenter and chief editor of the periodical Ksenia Sobchak has again caused controversy with their fans. She was in one of the sports clubs and decided to tell subscribers in the social network. Judging by the fact that she was in a Bathrobe and with a towel on her head, she just got out of the shower, and so took a picture of myself without makeup.

      “The best place to get yourself in front of a heavy travel week”, – shared his thoughts Sobchak in the microblog.

      For many followers of the journalist, this picture was a real revelation – they began to discuss her natural beauty. There were many detractors who believe that the woman was wrong to put photos without a drop of makeup on my face. They condemned the Xenia and didn’t understand why Sobchak decided to share this photo.

      “That face is young, but it seems to me, is very thin, some eyes! Need to firm up a bit so that the cheeks appear”, “Just why?” “Look at Ksenia – not similar at all to the parents,” wrote some netizens.

      However, followers were outraged by the insensitive comments of subscribers Sobchak. Between them sparked a conflict – fans of the TV presenter defended her as best she could and didn’t understand how people allow themselves to say such harsh words. They praised Ksenia and acknowledged that no need to be ashamed of natural beauty.

      “I admire your personality for the ability to be as it is! Not to succumb to us dictates rules of behavior, beauty, bow lips, elongated legs and other nonsense! Affects how you’re above all that, above stupid comments! Queen! Self-confident!”, “I wonder if there’s some device that measures beauty? And what is it measured? How to judge appearance in photos! The exterior consists of many things: hair, facial expressions, smile and so on. Xenia individual and natural! This is its beauty! With all this, she is also very smart! What color it twice”, – wrote fans.

      Itself Ksenia completely satisfied with their appearance. Fans said that Sobchak never wanted to resort to services of plastic surgeons. After birth the long awaited son of Plato she was delighted with the lush bust and tried to show the dignity of the figure.