Без вины виноватые: 9 самых громких изнасилований, которых не было The story of Diana Shurygina continues to excite the public for several weeks. The number of Internet users convinced that a girl accused Sergey Semenov did not commit a crime. “StarHit” remembered resonant stories of people who were later acquitted, as well as a loud and controversial case.

      Без вины виноватые: 9 самых громких изнасилований, которых не было

      Day after day the public is discussing the story of 17-year-old resident of Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina the victim of rape. The girl was charged 21-year-old Sergei Semenov. The young man was sentenced to eight years in prison, but after an appeal reduced the sentence to 3 years and 3 months. In the program of the First channel “Let speak” Sirovina openly spoke about the persecution that she was subjected to on the Internet.

      The rapist Diana Shurygina turned to her

      Note that Diana ridiculed on social networks and questioning her testimony. Internet users claim that Shurygina she was hit Semenova on the actions of a sexual nature. Psychologists say that it’s human nature to blame victims of rape, saying the victim provoke the aggressor. However, sometimes those who are called sex offenders are innocent. “StarHit” remembered similar cases.

      Unjustly accused Brian banks

      Без вины виноватые: 9 самых громких изнасилований, которых не было

      26-year-old Brian banks was a star high school football team. However, he had to put an end to his career. A young man was accused of raping a classmate Wanetta Gibson. First, the young man faced up to 40 years in prison, but after he made a deal with the investigation and pleaded guilty, he was sentenced to six years behind bars. The girl who has declared that became a victim of the athlete, received from the school compensation of $ 1.5 million.

      Banks managed to leave on freedom ahead of schedule, and he could not find work. Photos of the young men circled bands are all local Newspapers, and the Brian was forced to wear leg monitoring device. The situation changed when in 2011, the banks met with Gibson. During the conversation with a former classmate, the girl confessed that falsely accused him of rape. Brian recorded the conversation on tape and made a formal justification.

      “All these years I was hoping that I will be able to prove his innocence,” – said the footballer in an interview.


      Без вины виноватые: 9 самых громких изнасилований, которых не было

      Sergei Tkach killed and raped women in the period from 1980 to 2005. The man left no traces on his victims: the maniac thoroughly destroyed all the evidence and was trampled traces that could lead the police to him. In this case the weaver has always left a souvenir one of the victim’s belongings – jewelry, lipstick, handbag or underwear.

      According to the journalists, for the crimes committed by weaver, was condemned by several people, according to various sources, from eight to fourteen. One of them was hung up, without waiting for the court decision. The youngest killer was an eighth-grade student James Popovich: in 2002, he was taken from school and accused of a brutal massacre of his cousin.

      Among those who presented false charges, was also Maxim Dimitrenko, who served time behind bars for eight years. The man was released in March 2012. He died two months before its 40th anniversary in February 2015. Care Dimitrenko of life was a complete surprise for his family. “Apparently, the fate of this”, – said Maxim environment.

      The case of the “five from Central Park”

      Без вины виноватые: 9 самых громких изнасилований, которых не было

      In the night from 19 to 20 April 1989 in Central Park in new York found 28-year-old Trisha Meili, raped and beaten half to death. Then the woman is in a coma, however, after the victim was released from this state, she was unable to remember anything. Police detained a group of teenagers aged 14 to 16 years, and sentenced them to prison terms ranging from seven to 13 years. The sole basis for the prosecution of the young men became their official statement, from which they, however, later refused.

      In 2002, when young Americans was released, in the attack on Meili suddenly confessed 30-year-old Matias Reyes. The man was in prison charged in other crimes. Reyes claimed he acted alone. Having studied the recognition of Matthias, a Manhattan Prosecutor said that he found discrepancies in the testimony of previously convicted in high-profile case. They dropped the charges in December 2002. However, some experts still believe that Reyes had help, and a number of police remain convinced that “Central Park five” involved in the crime.

      A technological marvel

      Без вины виноватые: 9 самых громких изнасилований, которых не было

      In 2008, the district court Ohio rehabilitated Robert McClendon, who served time behind bars for eighteen years on charges of raping a 10-year-old girl. Throughout the period he was behind bars, the man did not allegedly confessed to his crime.

      Robert was eligible for parole, but he denied it in 2007. That all changed when DNA McClendon and some other prisoners were transferred to the diagnostic Center. Specialists conducted a number of tests for inmates who sought excuses. Using the latest technology, the researchers compared the data of Robert and the genetic code of criminal. Sensational results of the examination announced in July 2008.

      “You know, sometimes you think that it will never happen, still, hope dies last. My advice to you – never say “never,” said the man after he was released.


      Без вины виноватые: 9 самых громких изнасилований, которых не было

      In 2008, the government of the Australian state of Victoria posthumously acquitted Colin Campbell Ross, who was executed in 1922 for the murder and rape of a teenage girl. Until the last day of his life, the man refused to confess to the crime. He claimed that he did not commit the crime.

      According to correspondents, Ross accused on the basis of the hair, which investigators found on his bed. Only after 86 years, the experts were able to establish that these strands are not belonged to the victim. A real girl’s killer was never found.

      During the conversation with journalists, the niece of Colin Campbell Betty said she was very happy to review the case. According to the girl, the crime family member always cast a shadow on her soul.

      The rape, which was not

      Без вины виноватые: 9 самых громких изнасилований, которых не было

      In 2011, Texas suffered the resonant case, which caused outrage among the public. 25 years later the victim admitted that in fact not subjected to violent acts of a sexual nature on the part of Larry Simms. She stated that she did not engage with anyone in an intimate relationship on that fateful day. In this regard, as well as the results of the DNA examination, the district court of Dallas released Sims free. The man was imprisoned for a quarter of a century.

      It is also worth noting that the study showed, who actually came into contact, the alleged rape victim. According to experts, the woman was not with Larry, and his cousin, cousin.

      28 years in prison on false charges

      Без вины виноватые: 9 самых громких изнасилований, которых не было

      In 2016, the government of the U.S. state of Colorado has lived up to Clarence Moses-El, who has been in prison for more than two decades. 60-year-old man was released after his case was sent for retrial. Despite the fact that Moses-El for such a long time spent in prison, he stated that he does not hold grudges for judges and law enforcement officers.

      Earlier, the plaintiff in the case of Clarence accused him of committing a crime. She said that I saw his face through a dream. Evidence women were the only reason the man was convicted and sent to prison in 1988.

      “Dream crime victim turned into a perennial nightmare for Moses-El,” – said the lawyer of the accused Eric Klein.

      However, the alleged rapists, denying his guilt, is not always justified. “StarHit” also remembered a number of ambiguous cases that received wide publicity in the media.

      Contradictions in the high-profile case

      Без вины виноватые: 9 самых громких изнасилований, которых не было

      In may 2015 fighter of the mixed style Alexander Emelyanenko was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison and a fine of 50 thousand rubles. The athlete was found guilty of committing violent acts of a sexual nature in relation to maids Polina Stepanova. In addition, the investigation claimed that the man stole her passport. Emelyanenko denied his guilt. He confirmed that he did indeed engage in sexual intercourse with the victim, but said it was consensual.

      Last year Alexander Emelianenko was released from prison on PAROLE. The fighter served half of the assigned period. In February of 2017 athlete signed a contract with the League WFCA on three battle.

      A triumphant return after prison

      Footballer Eduard Streltsov, who was called “Russian Pele”, at the time, was sentenced to twelve years imprisonment on charges of raping a 20 year old Marina Lebedeva. Still it is not known what really happened in may 1958, when she and he friends were out having fun at the dacha outside Moscow pilot Edward karakhanova. In the case, Streltsov had a lot of contradictions and insufficient evidence of his guilt.

      In February 1963, the football player was released on PAROLE. A few years later the man was allowed to return to football. As it turned out, for good reason: playing with “torpedo” archers helped the team to win the championship and then the Cup of the Soviet Union. It is also worth noting that the sentence the athlete is still not cancelled.