Pregnant Polina Gagarina was furious from the word groupies

Беременная Полина Гагарина пришла в ярость от слов поклонницы The artist doesn’t understand how people can criticize others. Polina Gagarina decided to tell a blatant case your subscribers. She studied the page of his obesity and draw appropriate conclusions.

      Many celebrities are unable to avoid criticism of detractors. Some famous people would learn to refer to laudatory reviews and negative. Popular singer Polina Gagarina is now expecting her second child, and therefore can not remain indifferent to the statements of its users. She was outraged that some people do not take the time to go to the celebrity page and leave a snide remark. Polina herself took the trouble to find out who exactly decided to write her a nasty word and made conclusions about which told subscribers.

      “Sometimes I read the comments and marvel dayus. Recent here, the girl writes me: “All you have spots of pigment, terrible, how can so to leave the house without makeup!” Shame, they say, and all that. I read all these troubles and decide to go to her profile and her profile says she’s the happiest wife, mother and generally most most happy. I think that this is suspicious. But “the luckiest” never write nasty things, she has just not in such thoughts, and time,” summed up Gagarin.

      The singer also noted that he had blocked podistico that she should not leave such comments on her page. Pauline was glad that among her fans are many good people who leave only pleasant words in her address and never dare somehow to offend.

      Pregnant Polina Gagarin showed new figure

      Fans supported her and were outraged by such a comment that left one of podeschi Gagarina. Also the followers were happy that their favorite actress reading their reviews under its publications. According to users of social networks, Internet critics to leave negative feedback only because of envy. “Polka, don’t react! Envy, a female is a terrible thing! You know that loved by millions, incredibly feminine and delicate! Adorable and delightful!”, “Valeriya, you are clever and beautiful. Do not pay attention to such people, develop them immunity. So many detractors, not worth even to read such comments,” “Envy is a sin. She is jealous of you, Pauline. You clever and talented man! Health,” wrote a follower.