Nastasya Samburski has unveiled the first of the groom

Настасья Самбурская рассекретила первого жениха The actress told about her children’s affection. According to Nastasya Samburski, she began to think about the wedding at the age of seven. The chosen artist was older than her twice. Nastasia admitted that the young man did not even know about love.

      Actress and star of “Instagram” Nastasya Samburski rarely talks about his personal life and prefers not to share their memories of childhood, held in the village. According to the artist, this period was not the happiest in her life. Samburski very hard again to take in the bad cases from the past. But recently she made an exception and gave an interview in which he touched upon a sensitive topic for her.

      Nastasia talked about how that has always distinguished the complex nature and self-sufficiency. According to the actress, she could stay for hours in solitude. To do things that are familiar to the villagers, she didn’t want. Nastassja jokingly calls himself in his childhood aesthete.

      “He told me that when I was three, I had to change several times a day and swirled in front of the mirror. And in seven years, found to whom to show off: tied scarf on the head, sat down on the swing and waited for him to leave home, just to see him. When I asked if my fiancé answered: “Yes, there is!”. Only now, fourteen-year-old boy about his status he never would have suspected. Oh, this unrequited first love!..” – said the actress.

      Earlier Nastasia admitted that as a child, was constantly left to myself. According to star, for me, nobody watched. So, as a teenager, she could go out and meet new people and then hanging out with them all night. Samburski believes that she is very lucky that she ran into trouble. The actress also says that her children wouldn’t happen. Celebrity says that it intends to record the heirs of the several sections, that they were all the time busy with something.

      At the moment, Nastasya Samburski successful artist who is not afraid to go for the experiments. A few days ago she presented an art-house video for the provocative song “B***”. But about the personal life of the actress known not so much. In a recent interview with Nastasia admitted that get married only when I meet the right guy. If this does not happen, Nastasia will not be upset. “Happily live alone, have a cat in the end! Still better than to marry the first counter”, – quotes the actress the magazine “Collection Caravan of stories”.