Беременная Надя Ручка поражена жестокостью женщин The soloist of group “Brilliant”, who recently announced the upcoming addition to the family, told about preparation for childbirth. In recognition of the Nadia Handles, it actively reads the forums on the Internet and talking to other future moms. In addition, the artist does not cease to play sports.

Recently it became known that the soloist of group “Brilliant” Nadia Handle, will soon become a mother for the first time. In late April, journalists reported that the actress is on the fifth month of pregnancy. The singer confirmed the information about the upcoming addition to the family. Recently Nadia has told to journalists about the preparation for childbirth. According to the singer, she has no plans to leave the country, as do many celebrities.

Pregnant Nadia Knob radically changes our views

“My native language is Russian, so I want to give birth in Moscow. I have in mind a single hospital, but have not yet decided for sure. I talk a lot with girls who have recently become mothers, ask them for advice. But the forums on the Internet browsing not consciously. Read what they write, and I don’t want to. I did not expect that women can be so cruel” – shared the singer.

The star openly admitted that she began to gain weight, but it is not afraid of extra pounds. According to Nadi Handles her pregnancy is quiet. The singer complains of nothing and continues to play sports, because I’m used to physical activity. Recently the soloist of the popular group signed up for the aerobics. In addition, Nadia goes to a swimming pool three times a week. Each session singer lasts forty-five minutes.

With regard to maternity leave, says Pen, it’ll work for another month, and then start hard to prepare for the birth of the first child. After the baby is born, the artist will actively drop those extra pounds to get back on stage.

The choice of the performer Denis supported her in everything. About beloved Nadi it is known that he works in an oil company. Soloist of the “Brilliant” also revealed that the pregnancy was a surprise to them – most recently, the young people made repairs and did not include in the apartment a children’s room. By the way, soon Denis and Nadia intend to legalize their relationship.

Speaking about the future baby, the actress shared that her choice will be an amazing father. The singer is amazed by the ability of a loved one to care. But the sex of the baby, Nadia, and Dennis does not know. The singer admitted that at the moment doctors do not give them an accurate answer to this question. So the lovebirds haven’t made any purchases, transfers Sobesednik.ru.