Boris Makeup revealed the truth about the desire to have a sex change

Борис Грим открыл правду о желании сменить пол The musician remembered how all was actually. Boris Bugaev thinks he’s just misunderstood. He was unpleasantly surprised when information about it was interpreted wrong. In conversation with the blogger, the artist said, where did these rumors.

Last year the producer of the ex-soloist of group “the Brothers Grimm” Boris Burdaeva Andrei Borodin said that the artist intends to have a sex change. According to him, the musician is in an active search of the clinic where he is getting surgery. Producer ex-soloist of “the Brothers Grimm”: “Boris is looking for where to get a sex change”

But now, six months after such Declaration, it turned out that Boris was just misunderstood. In his opinion, this information began to spread after he allegedly said about gay.

“In 2009 I came to Samara journalists, I started to give interviews, and at the same time ask how to sexual minorities belong. Since then came the idea of what I did coming out,” – said Bugaev in an interview with blogger Vitaly Suvorov.

Boris admitted that indifference refers to sexual minorities, and he doesn’t have any radical views on this issue.

Last fall, the producer threatened musician termination of cooperation, if he dares to surgery. Borodin said that his organization is working including with children, but because it requires a good reputation.

“I warned him that terminates a contract with him. But if a person goes to such measures, he aspires to it. He understands that he will not be able to make money under the name of “the Brothers Grimm”, if you’re a woman,” said Andrew.

Many fans of the group “the Brothers Grimm” remember about the conflict of Boris and Konstantin, which is still ongoing. Boris admitted in an interview that now is not talking with the closest person. However Bugaev decided to take this opportunity to publicly call twin brother.

“Kostya, we have parents, they are now 60 years old, is the Golden years. I hardly agree, I my talent will never forgive, but we have parents. I want them to be happy, think about it”, – expressed his thoughts musician.