Беременная Любава Грешнова заставляет мужа тратиться на экзотическую еду The actress gets to eat the eggs and fruit. The star of TV projects shared some changes in one’s own tastes while waiting for the baby. According to lyubavy Grechnevoy, her husband has to pay a lot of money for the satisfaction of its needs.

      Star of TV series “Fame” and “Beautiful life” will soon become a mother. In the spring in the family of a 28-year-old, Lubava and her husband, actor Michael Wheat, first son is born. Celebrity pregnancy is proceeding normally, but in the last months of Lyubava suddenly noticed a dramatic change.

      “A few years ago I completely gave up meat, fish and dairy products, told Greshnova “StarHit”. And even pregnancy is not greatly changed my diet. Eat meat I don’t like, but his scent suddenly began to like it. I remember once I cooked my husband chicken broth, and I suddenly became so enticing that aroma that I even wanted to taste it. About an hour I walked and thought. Took a SIP, but the taste did not impress me, in contrast to the smell. And in the beginning of pregnancy, when sharply increased sense of smell, I every morning in shootings on the set smelled the sausage, which there always was. It seemed to me that she smells better than any expensive perfume. But try it I did not want to”.

      This suddenly appeared in the stars of the culinary preferences ceased to surprise her. The actress had the urge to caviar – a product that had not aroused her interest.

      “I don’t know what kind of aristocratic habits, but I always want her there! – laughs Lyubava. – You have to ask Misha at least once a week to buy a small jar is not cheap, and what to do! Still drawn to the exotic fruits – pineapple and mango. However, I have the desire to change at the speed of light – that’s why I don’t “chase” at night in the husband’s shop, because he can bring me something that I wanted an hour ago, but already I can’t even look! For example, I was up bright and early and went to the store for a papaya, which I did all night – Mischa was filming. When he reached the supermarket, I realized that the papaya I don’t need anymore and that I can not live without a fragrant, fresh-baked bread. Bought a loaf and ate it on the way home – just like in my childhood…”