Дженнифер Гарнер поставила точку в отношениях с Беном Аффлеком The actress decided to file for divorce with her husband after nearly two years since the couple announced the breakup. The woman doubted in the decision and believed that they and her husband still manage to revive the status quo. However, now the actress is confident in his choice.

      Дженнифер Гарнер поставила точку в отношениях с Беном Аффлеком

      Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck have been one of the most exemplary couples in Hollywood. For the life of the famous couple closely watched by the paparazzi, trying to find any signs of infidelity of a spouse. And here in the summer of 2015 was revealed that the couple decided to separate. For many fans of the popular actors of this news became a sensation.

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      As it turned out, the cause of the rupture was treason Affleck with a housekeeper Christine Ouzounian. The lovers tried to work on a relationship and even visited a psychologist to get out of family crisis. However, after a year and a half Jennifer has collected all the necessary documents and ready to be free. According to the insider, Ben had already moved out of their shared home in Brentwood.

      From the moment the couple announced their intention to disperse, many firmly believed that this will not happen. Friends celebrities tried to convince the public that family values to elected representatives is paramount and they will not make rash actions. Anyway, Ben and Jennifer linked by common children: 11-year-old violet, 8-year-old Seraphim, and 4-year-old Samuel.

      A couple more forced to decide who gets custody of the heirs. A source close to the family said that garner plans to educate children on their own. At the same time, another insider says that actors can come to a mutual decision to part and friends.

      “Whatever happens, Ben and Jen on the first plan put family and they will do so in the future, they will continue to raise children together, as before. Ben really wanted a family just like he planned for himself when growing up in Boston, so it as long as possible tried to maintain these relations. But he couldn’t do,” said the insider.

      By the way, in 2015, the pair practically lived together, but Ben often stayed with his wife and spent a lot of time with heirs. Fans often saw celebrities together during a Sunday service in one of the churches of Los Angeles.