Alla Pugacheva caught the heiress off guard

Алла Пугачева застала наследницу врасплох Diva rarely indulges his fans with photos of the heirs. But every time, the fans quickly respond to family pictures. Now Pugacheva has posted a touching photo of his daughter in the bathroom.

      Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin all my free time I devote to the education of three year old Harry and Lisa. Children of celebrities have not already become almost the main star of the Russian Internet. Dancing toddlers and their bright appearance on camera was the subject of intense discussion. Alla tries to isolate innocent people from his family, but sometimes allows himself to share funny moments from the life of the heirs.

      Children Pugacheva and Galkin blew up the Network with their dancing

      This time the Diva has captured my youngest daughter Lisa. The photograph of the girl sitting in the bathtub with a blue VideoCAM in his hands. Judging by the facial expression of the girl, she was somehow deeply involved. Alla Borisovna could not leave such scenes without attention, so she successfully took advantage of the moment. “A miracle named Lisa”, – briefly commented on the Joe.

      Fans could not help but respond to what he saw. They got Dolly parton to compliments in the address of the successor. Most expressed the opinion that the girl has not appeared in the photostream celebrity. They are happy that Pugacheva all-taki has posted a touching photo.

      For Network users, the Lisa remains one of the brightest children of celebrities. Members do not hide their sympathy for the young crowd favorite. In their view, the baby laid an incredible charisma and artistry, which in the future will definitely help her.

      “Indeed, a miracle. Angel!”, “How sweet it is. Lovely!”, “I can’t, you have such beautiful grows. She glows, no words!”, “Little nymph, she would harp in hand, would be a little angel”, was the opinion of the subscribers of Alla.

      It should be noted that some colleagues Pugacheva could not Express their opinion on the picture of Lisa. “True, so great,” wrote Valeria.

      By the way, the part of the followers still can’t forget the video in which Lisa imagines herself a Queen. Then a girl wearing a lot of jewelry and began to tell mother on camera, why she chose this way.