Marina Anisina cannot get alimony from Nikita Dzhigurda

Марина Анисина не может заполучить алименты от Никиты Джигурды The athlete said that currently, her ex-husband does not participate in the upbringing of the heirs. He’s not helping financially and yet, according to Anisina those, no plans to do this. Skater justified, saying that the chair is experiencing not the best times from a financial point of view.

      Марина Анисина не может заполучить алименты от Никиты Джигурды

      Marina Anisina have decided to have a Frank conversation on “the Secret to a million.” Two issues of the woman talked about relationship with actor Nikita Dzhigurda, recalled the best moments of their married life and shared the details of the divorce process. During the program, she admitted that ex-boyfriend left her without financial support. Celebrities have to cope with all the difficulties that stand in her way.

      The father of Marina Anisina those, never seen his grandchildren

      It turned out that the army does not pay any alimony in connection with the absence of a stable income. According to Marina, she knows about all the financial difficulties his ex-wife, so do not insist, he began a monthly contribution of money. Anisina admits that before the divorce Nikita paid to children studying in French school and constantly buying them expensive gifts on birthdays and other memorable dates. But now, in recognition of a skater, nothing.

      “I know that Nikita now is not the time, so I did not insist on anything. Yes, it is hard, of course, but where to go. I can’t get it. He repeatedly called to the children, but the last time Angelo even happy birthday not congratulated. Don’t know when you want to help, but soon, I think he gets that”, – said Olympic champion.

      Despite all the negative comments Dzhigurda, and Marina Anisina insists that she remembers ex-husband as a caring and empathetic person. She told me how much time the actor spent with the children. He often went with them on walks in the fresh air, engaged and tried to be exemplary parent. The athlete says that when his explosive character Nikita has a lot of patience to children, very well understands and feels them.

      “Got up at night to son, to daughter. He went with Angeles when the boy was young. He helped me, strollers and bottle pulled. Nikita is very good at dealing with children. No matter whose, it all finds a common language. I flew with the kids on the charges, Nikita went with me. We supported each other in everything,” – said a celebrity.

      During the meeting, Lera Kudryavtseva asked Anisina those, if she wanted to have another child. Marina answered honestly that he thought about it. According to her, the chair strongly urged that it is imperative to give birth a third time. But then the athlete decided that it was not the right time and said the former spouse to wait for some time. Now the skater admits the thought of pregnancy, but with a new person who may appear in her life.

      “I hope I’m not ever going to walk in the status of single mothers. I always believe in the best. For me, most importantly the education of my children, their safety. Nikita talked several times with the children on the phone, but he takes no part in their lives. Honestly, they don’t even ask about your father,” – said Nikita. The woman also said that trying to isolate heirs from problems that arose between her and ex-husband. She does not want to become witnesses of the scandal.