Беременная Лера Кудрявцева обратилась к врачу
The presenter told us about the problems while waiting for the baby.

Photo: Instagram

Lera Kudryavtseva in the second time become a mother later this summer. 47-year-old TV presenter in a very long time “working” on it, besides her 30-year-old husband Igor Makarov children yet. That Valerie is pregnant, became known only recently, when the star ceased to be able to hide the grown belly with loose clothing. Kudryavtseva will soon go on maternity leave, and while continuing to shoot new editions of his program “the Secret to a million.”

Any pregnancy, at least 20, at least 40 years is a test for the back. So Valerie went to the clinic to the osteopath.

“In this place I addressed the Council of Anfisa Chekhova, says Kudryavtseva. — Osteopathy is a wonderful new form of medicine which treats pain in back and joints, hernia, scoliosis. Surprisingly, osteopathy without medication cure headache, depression, stress, what is the main problem of the big city. It is especially important that osteopathy effectively prepares the body for pregnancy, accompanies her and is working with the children since birth!”

Recently it became known, in what country is going to give birth a TV presenter. Initially, the star had to choose between several clinics in Europe and America, and chose Miami. Moreover, four years ago, Lera and Igor bought a house there.

While Kudryavtseva live in the suburbs, and to fly to the US plans in the early summer, after her family will be another happy event. As is known, should be born of her first grandchild. Still beloved only son Kudryavtseva, 28-year-old Jean is also pregnant. The baby’s gender is already known — it’s a boy.