У Елены Исинбаевой в декрете появилось неожиданное хобби
The athlete shared the results of their labor.

У Елены Исинбаевой в декрете появилось неожиданное хобби

Yelena Isinbayeva

Yelena Isinbayeva during the decree opened new
talent: Olympic champion became an artist. The jumper published
in a personal microblogging several drawings, which were created while the children slept.

“When you put the children to bed and you have time for
ourselves, why not draw, — says Elena. — Picked up here and tried
first time in my life to draw something concrete, not an abstraction… Well, considering
that drew what was, in my opinion, not bad… What do you say?”

Fans were quick to assure sports star
the drawings made with colored pencils, very beautiful. “Talented
people — talented in everything!” “Very nice!” “Great!” — they wrote in
comment under the post. We will remind, she has become a mother for the second time at the end
winter. Valentine’s day Isinbayeva gave birth to a son in Monaco. The boy was named
Dobrynia. Because the child’s father — her husband’s name is Nikita athlete, the kid became
the full namesake of fabulous heroes.

“It turns out to be a mother of two children is not so easy — sigh
Elena. — In almost no time. Families in which three or more
children, you are heroes! Try mode our son Dobrynya Nikitich
adjusted to mode girls, yet it turns out poorly”. Throughout
visibility now Elena finally managed to get used to the fact that her family
increased, and she learned not only to cope with care for her son and to give
the attention of the daughter, but also to find time for yourself.