Беременная Лера Кудрявцева обратилась за помощью к врачам TV presenter shared with the Council and with other future moms. Celebrity responsibly questions about their own health. Lera Kudryavtseva will soon give your spouse a long-awaited baby.
Беременная Лера Кудрявцева обратилась за помощью к врачам

Recently it became known that TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva will become a mother for the second time. 47-year-old star of the air is going to give her husband, hockey player Igor Makarov, baby. For couples this will be the first common child. Now Valerie really cares about your health. She does not neglect the advice of doctors and recommendations of stellar colleagues. Kudryavtseva recently found out about how to get rid of some ailments without drugs. The presenter found it to be very useful, as it still continues to lead an active lifestyle. Given that during a child’s expectations is not desirable to abuse drugs, she shared her knowledge with other women who may also soon become mothers.

“Turned on the advice of Anfisa Chekhova to the clinic Ivan Harabara, I learned about osteopathy – it’s a wonderful new medicine that cures the pain in the back and joints, hernia, scoliosis. Surprisingly, osteopathy without medication cure headache, depression, stress, what is the main problem of the big city. It is especially important that osteopathy effectively prepares the body for pregnancy, accompanies her and works with children from birth,” – said Kudryavtsev.
Беременная Лера Кудрявцева обратилась за помощью к врачам

Now Leroy is trying to talk about his interesting position. Apparently, the host of “million dollar Secret”, in which celebrities trust her with your secrets, not rushing to be equally candid with the fans. However, in its environment say that Kudryavtseva with her spouse to decide where their baby will be born. According to some information, they choose between the maternity hospitals of Europe and the USA.

“Most likely, it will not happen in Russia. Deadline: late summer – early autumn. It is already hard to hide the stomach, even under the hoodie” – said friends of the presenter “StarHit”.

Fans have long waited for Leroy to become a mom for the second time. They carefully looked at her figure, wishing to consider rounded belly. Kudryavtseva herself never denied that she wants the child, but did not mention any exact date nor any plans for the future of the child. That is why, when the pregnancy became apparent, fans rushed to congratulate the star and wish her good health.