Роман Гриценко возмущен проектом, в котором Ольга Бузова будет искать мужчин The young man continues to seek the presenter. Roman Gritsenko suggested that the star to go to the movies, but Olga Buzova also put forward their terms to the guy. It needs to bring the body into perfect shape.
Роман Гриценко возмущен проектом, в котором Ольга Бузова будет искать мужчин

One of the participants “Houses-2” Roman Gritsenko continues to seek the location of Olga Buzova. Previously the presenter of the project found out unpleasant details about the young man: that he once worked as an escort. Also, the novel offended a star when she caught him with another girl telestroke. Odnako young suitor did not lose hope. In the production of the TV show, when Olga Buzova came into the Clearing, the young man called her in the conversation.

Earlier, the TV presenter gave him a number of tasks, one of which disappoint. Roma said that trains every day for three weeks and even showed Buzova stomach muscles. “After you said that now every day I train,” said guy.

Then joined the conversation Sasha Black, which told Olga that the Novel has sympathy for Irene Pinchuk, which has not yet returned to the project.

“Olga goes on the Bachelorette, and I’m building a new life,” said Roman.

Later Gritsenko tried to persuade Olga to go to the movies with him. He hugged the presenter and do not give her to leave the territory. Olga messing with you and actively begged him to let her go. “Well, how am I going to go, you don’t worried about me. Come on, walk me to my car,” said star. Then Buzova took the offer of sympathy to go to the movies.

However, since the star works a lot, so she never knows when she will be output. “Defined first! You don’t have money for the movie. You know how much are the tickets?” – noticed Buzova. The presenter explained that the ticket to the cinema, where she goes, is 5000 rubles. According to Roman, he will be able to afford such expenses.

We will remind, in April started casting for men from 18 to 40 years who can take part in the show Olga Buzova and compete for her heart. “Who do we need? Ambitious guys and accomplished men, creative personality and office workers, athletes, start-UPS, the military, the participants of the reality show, researchers, it specialists and many others who want to link their fate with the most enviable bride Russia! Applicants will undergo a serious selection at the casting and travel in the romantic country to compete for the heart of Olga Buzovoy”, – stated in the message on the official website of the project.