Беременная Ксения Собчак совершает подвиги в бассейне The expectant mother takes lessons and professional diving. Ksenia Sobchak believes that in life you need to constantly learn something new, and expecting a baby a hindrance in this can not be. Star with pleasure improving skills of movement in water.

      Ksenia Sobchak, as is known, is in happy anticipation of the birth of the firstborn, does not change his principles and maintains an active lifestyle. Apparently, pregnancy celebrity carries easily and even allows himself to engage in the pool. Water treatments are shown to expectant mothers, as it provides an opportunity to lighten the load on the spine and back muscles. However, Ksenia Sobchak attends the pool is not only for the purpose of improvement. In the first place among active young women is the desire to constantly learn something new, and the pregnancy can not be an obstacle. Moreover, there is always an opportunity to find something that is both new and useful for the expectant mother. Now she takes swimming lessons, to move in water easily and beautifully. Pool the expectant mother attends in the morning while there are few people.

      In proof of Ksenia Sobchak in the microblog published a video in which she floats beautifully crawl, commenting on the video with her usual irony.

      “Any new input from life is an opportunity to learn something and become better! My tenth swim lesson. Do not judge strictly! And the most me this video before thought I already swim like a mermaid,” wrote the star.

      “Ksenia, as a professional in this sport (candidate master of sports in swimming), I can say with full confidence that you are floating just fine. Moreover, this is the tenth lesson!”, “Just umnichka! That’s what it means to treat everything with your customary professionalism, Admire you. All that you have planned, it turns out perfect! Just great,” he praised Sobchak fans. By the way, in the video you can see the grown tummy Xenia, which also drew the attention of her followers. “Tummy visible!”, “Tummy! I’m so happy I can’t still believe that she will soon be a mother!” – were cut to the fans, making out the distinctive bulge.

      By the way, she Ksenia Sobchak has ceased to hide his interesting position a few days ago. Ksenia Sobchak no longer hide rounded tummy

      The star posted a photo in the microblog, which left no doubt that she is expecting a baby. Previously Ksenia tried to choose these angles in the photo to the changed forms were not seen. From the comments about the pregnancy Sobchak has so far refrained. For the first time about her interesting position the capital’s Beau Monde began in the end of June, and then the news about the upcoming replenishment in star family became public.


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