Elena Hanga told about the family curse

Елена Ханга рассказала о семейном проклятии The presenter told the romantic story of the love of their grandparents. Their relationship became the reason why the daughter of a Rabbi from new York stopped to chat with the parents. Visited her only brothers, and all the other relatives ignored her.

      Елена Ханга рассказала о семейном проклятии

      54-year-old TV presenter was born in an unusual family with different roots. The father of the stars repressed by the Prime Minister of Zanzibar, and her mother is of Polish Jewish. Grandma Helen was the daughter of a Rabbi from new York. The relatives did not communicate with her and cursed her because she fell in love with a dark-skinned grandfather of the hangi. After this incident she never saw her parents. The woman was only visiting her brothers, and they put a condition — in the house, where they had come, was not to be mother of the hangi. So grandma celebrity have not experienced warm feelings towards their relatives.

      Elena also told what she’s doing now. For 10 years, as the former host of “the Domino Principle”, “Fort Boyarda” and “it” does not conduct programs on Federal television channels. Instead, the Hangu is raising her daughter, and believes that he acted completely correctly. In fact, according to Helen, the children need a lot of attention and care, otherwise they will grow up to be “non-native”. As for career, when Hanga was gone, she didn’t offer anything interesting. According to celebrity, she did everything she could.

      “I’ve seen the glass ceiling, I realized that a miracle will happen, and decide that is more important not to lose time with the child. To return to the profession, and to read with my daughter “Tom Sawyer” and “Alice in Wonderland” – no. If my career – the result is predictable, and if you engage the child, then there are infinite possibilities. If you try, can grow anything up to the heavens,” said Elena Hanga reporters.

      The celebrity also shared the secrets of developing successor. 14-year-old Elizaveta-Anna is growing very athletic. The girl in tennis and went on to study at the academies in Europe and America. Elena’s husband thinks she thus realizes its ambitions, because once Hanga was seriously passionate about this sport, and my mother leading champion of Uzbekistan on tennis. Is the celebrity does not deny this but adds that sports teaches a lot.

      “I look at her and see that she knows what to inject, what is “I do not want to work hard, what is “I do not want”. She knows what it is, when you’re the only one in the competition and need at seven in the morning to get up and go play… She knows what a sports friendship, and that kind of betrayal. It is nothing to catch off guard. In this sense, I think she’s already won. Will it be on a professional – not so important”, — said Elena Jewish.ru.

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