Беременная Ирина Шейк не отказывает себе в сладком
Model forgotten all about diet.

Беременная Ирина Шейк не отказывает себе в сладком

Irina Shayk

Photo: Instagram.com

Irina Shayk once said that a very sweet tooth, and indulge in
nutritious treats for
her podium is not easy. And there she finally allowed herself to relax. The model
pregnancy which became known about a month ago, shared with fans of your joy,
showing what kind of dessert she had
to eat for Christmas this year. Irina placed in the microblog,
which, incidentally, more than seven million subscribers, a photograph of a decorated cake solid

Christmas, Shake decided to relax a bit in the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle, in
the company of his beloved and father not yet born child — Bradley Cooper. Paparazzi managed to capture their departure from
Los Angeles. They went on
black car Cooper, at the wheel which is the actor himself. Moreover, Bradley
which, apparently, for his latest role, grew his hair long and
beard, looked very imposing.

the fact that Irina is pregnant by Bradley Cooper all found out after she
appeared on the catwalk at the fashion show of the new collection of underwear Victoria’s Secret
Paris: not to notice her protruding stomach
it was simply impossible. And it soon became known, when Irina will be happy
Cooper his first-born. As reported by the informant of the site eonline.com the Shake
due in late may — early June. As told by the same source, Irina and
Bradley thought of a name for their unborn child. They are going to call
it in honor of my beloved father Cooper Charles. Even if they are having a girl,
one of her names will be “Charlie.” And soon spread another news:
Irina and Bradley got engaged! Although no official statements on this account they
not yet made, luxury ring with emerald framed by diamonds
which appeared on an unnamed
finger, made everyone believe that Sheik became the bride of Bradley.

Irina Shayk b Bradley Cooper