Тайны «Трех королев»: редкие фото, отношения актеров и признания режиссера 26 December on the First channel showed the first series of the thrilling serial film written and directed by Karine, Foliants. “StarHit” found that behind the scenes of the popular TV project.

      At the end of December on the First channel started screening the eight-serial melodrama with elements of a detective “Three Queens”. Its Director is Karine, Foliant, winner of the TEFI award for the script “Seraphim beautiful”. In his work on the show, also took part as representatives of the older generation of actors and young beginning artists. The show was busy Elena Ksenofontova, Nikolay Dobrynin, Denis Vasiliev, Alexander Vlasov and Stanislav Bondarenko.

      The show was favorably accepted by the audience. According to Polenz, the picture is not only lyrical, but also action-Packed. Watching the new series of the First channel, it is possible to both laugh and shed a tear, but the exciting plot keeps the viewer in suspense.

      “Three Queens” is a psychological detective story. The history of the way of the son to the father. In the painting, passions, and rapidly developing action, but above all it, of course, about love. And though the film has sad moments, painting a very positive mood,” – said Karine, Foliant, writer and Director of the series.

      The film is a successful businessman Mikhail Pogodin is going to launch a new variety of wine called “Three Queens”, but his plans were never realized. Man killed, but from the side it looks like he decided to voluntarily withdraw from life. In order to avert any suspicion, the mysterious attacker leaves a suicide note Pogodin. That happened, trying to understand the son of Michael Victor. A young man arrives in the town to say goodbye to a parent, and also to find those responsible for his death and save his father.

      The way Victor has embodied on the screen Denis Vasiliev, who has previously worked with Karine, Valiants over the serial film “my Only sin”. The Director calls his hero hamlet. “The whole story spins around the relationship of Victor with his dead father” the woman said.

      The main character’s mother Ella Pogodin played the honoured artist of Russia Elena Ksenofontova, who starred in the TV series “Good hands”, “good-bye, boys” and “Hotel Eleon”.

      “A wonderful role for Elena Ksenofontova, bright women’s story, her heroine chooses between maternal duty and love,” shared the Director.

      The role of a young lover Ella Pogodina – Heartbreaker Stanislav Bondarenko, remembered to spectators on roles in such series as “the Mascot of love”, “provincial” and “Trap”. By the way, the conqueror of female hearts, known not only for participation in TV projects. Bondarenko also can be seen on the stage of the Theatre of Mossovet. However, unfortunately for fans of the artist, his heart is occupied. Apparently, Stanislav found with model Aurika Alekhine: a couple are regularly seen together at events and do lovers often post photos on social networks.

      The perfect backdrop for the story about the mysterious death of the winemaker became the magnificent scenery of the ancient city of Feodosia. By the way, in this place is a wine festival that attracts many tourists from all over the country and beyond. Despite serious passions raging in the film, the shooting area was filled with a family atmosphere. The actors involved in the series, managed to make friends among themselves and did not want to finalize the project. “I want it back!” – wrote Denis Vasiliev in one of his social networks.

      To thoroughly understand the process of making spirits, the team of the show visited local businesses to produce them. The members of the crew wanted to delve into all the intricacies of making wine. Interestingly, the “Three Queens” of steel for the Director’s eighth project, on which work was carried out in the South-East coast of Crimea.

      “In every film I’m trying to understand in detail the occupations of my characters. In “Seraphim it was a horse farm in the movie “my Only sin” — fishing economy. After the painting “Three Queens,” I now know all about the technology of wine production”, — said Karine, Foliants.

      The text contains material from “First channel” and “Around the TV”.