Накануне финала шоу «Голос» Панайотов сделал неожиданное признание
The singer told about the harsh realities of domestic show-business.

Alexander Panayotov

Photo: @Instagram Alexander panaiotov Panayotov

Only a few days before the moment that determined the winner of the fifth season of the show “the Voice.” Reached the final four performers: Daria Antonyuk, Kairat Primaverii, Sardor Milano and Alexander Panayotov, which is the favorite of the popular TV show. On the eve of the final, Alexander made an unexpected confession about his career. It turned out that before he was able to be in the lead of the show “the Voice” for many years it was ignored in the world of show business.

“This Friday everything will be solved… I had gone somewhere… Tried it, was wrong, fell, rose, fell again… And rose again… these “waves” apparently is the meaning of the life of a creative person… this year everything was in contrasts… In the beginning of the year the strongest car accident in which miraculously survived… and Then the song and video “Invincible”… the Crisis was both in work and in earnings, and spiritually… But come spring.. And everything started to revive, — said Alexander. — I decided that we should do something, what even I myself do not expect. And applied for “the Voice”… of Course, the decision was not easy. But the desire to change something in your life, add bright colors, adrenaline, pepper, to meet again with the “big scene” and with the souls of many people, his people, have won all prejudices. For many years I ignored almost all TV channels and the press… written Off… I do not know for what reasons. And to be honest never had anyone hurt for that. Because, as always, believed in the dream and know what will come my time … and I still sing. Sing “loud”, all over the country!”

Panayotov also added that, despite the results of the upcoming final, still very grateful to the fans for their support and the organizers for the opportunity again to Express themselves. However, it should be noted that not all viewers are Alexander participated in the national project positively. The fact that, in their opinion, the other cast members are at a disadvantage with panajotovym, who during his career has managed to acquire a huge army of fans, having the opportunity to influence the outcome of the vote.