Pregnant Elena Zakharova came out and stopped to hide the situation

Беременная Елена Захарова вышла в свет и перестала скрывать положение
The actress confirmed that will soon become a mother.

Elena Zakharova, Ekaterina Velichenko

Elena Zakharova has confirmed her pregnancy
appearing on the official social event — the opening of the brand
corner Laurel in the shopping center “Mega Khimki”. The outfit that the actress chose for the occasion, could not hide it interesting situation — a star is
the last trimester of pregnancy. However, Elena still does not
commented on the fact that she is expecting a child. And fans are not tired
to congratulate her with a happy event in life, sympathetic to the decision
Zakharova not to publicize his personal life.

Elena stopped telling me everything that was happening to her, except for professional activity, after a tragedy in her family
when she lost her daughter dead
because of medical errors. Only recently Zakharova gave
interview in which he recalled the misfortune that occurred in 2011. In
the program “the Word” actress admitted that she return to life
after the ensuing drama father Alexey, the employee in
the KHRAM uspeniya Presvyatoy Bogoroditsy V putinkakh. “No
about who did not want to say, but there are very strict priest. One can
to maintain word and the other one can somehow say that you will then be
very hard. My father Alex was able for me to find the right words!” —
said Elena. It daily admission to the artist the Church helped her
to break it down and find the strength to move on.

“Faith… It is faith that saved me then. Of course, also
parents and friends! I was saved by faith in God and that someday all will
together, so to speak,” added Elena.