Photo 44-year-old Maria Poroshina in a swimsuit has caused a stir in the Network

Фото 44-летней Марии Порошиной в купальнике вызвало ажиотаж в Сети
Popular actress looks much younger than his years.

Photo: Instagram

One of the most beloved Russian actress Maria Poroshina, while on
holidays in Stavropol region, was pleasantly surprised by colleagues and fans. Actress
shared a photo of the hot springs, calling the Network a wave
enthusiastic reviews. 44-year-old Maria is in excellent shape
and really looks at least 10 years younger. This is despite the fact,
she is the mother of four daughters! However, in an interview Poroshina admitted that she’s not
refused to have another child.

“I admire Oksana Okhlobystin, who is raising six children, or Ira
Leonova, who generally seven: four sons and three daughters (the husband of Irina was Eugene
Tsyganov. — Approx. ed.) — says Maria. — Recently we met at
our mutual friend, and it was very interesting to see how the Ira one by one
removed from the car kids. Children noise, racket, run, all at the same time on
something ask mom. Ira, like Octopussy, has time to improve each
clothes, comb. And quietly, clearly, as a radar grabs from all
this noise is really necessary information. But the Ira successfully works: plays
in a Small theatre! So my four kids is a little more…

I would not
refused to have another. No wonder the word “family” means the seven “I am”, seven
people: parents and five children. I want children and always happy
I have given birth to another. But her husband to this issue more rationally. He
understands what a responsibility, and he was tired of the hassle. It is clear that Ilya
not cook and does the vacuuming in this family there’s me, grandmother, two nannies. But
it run’s daughters mugs and other household things. A woman usually configured
emotionally: be born another baby, well and good. And what will happen, “I
will think about it tomorrow” — I’ll manage. The man has to be responsible.
So Ilya is willing to stay on the number of children that we have
is. Well, there — as God wills”.