Беременная Анастасия Стоцкая рассекретила пол будущего малыша The singer has let know, who is waiting. Anastasia Stotskaya is preparing a second time to be a mom and have to buy toys for a child. The actress is on the thirtieth week of pregnancy and doctors should give birth in early may.

      34-year-old singer Anastasia Stotskaya, as you know, is in happy anticipation of the baby. In the spring the star of the musicals will give to your spouse, restaurateur Sergey, the second child and the firstborn of the couple, the five-year Sasha will get the status of a responsible older brother.

      Anastasia has not commented on her pregnancy and prefer not to talk about their feelings of the expectant mother. Just before she gave a kind of quiz for subscribers microblog, inviting them to guess the sex of her unborn baby and voicing gestational age – 29 weeks. Options, of course, the followers Anastasia Stotskaya offered only two, but the singer did not disclose who in the end proved to be correct.

      But after a couple of posts hinted that it is again waiting for the boy. The singer posted a photo of the eldest son Sasha riding a child’s rocking horse, saying that it was a gift for her unborn baby. At the same time the child that will be born, Anastasia Stotsky says in the masculine gender.

      “Rocking horse for my future little rider successfully tested the strength of the future big brother. Young expert on horse rolling so hard that even the brightest were”, – signed photo of son of Anastasia Stotskaya.

      We will remind, about the second pregnancy of the actress became known in December last year. First, about the interesting position of Anastasia knew only her family, but when the rounded belly of a star it was impossible to hide under clothing, it made a statement. “Happiness a woman can’t hide forever. That soon will hatch my baby,” shared Anastasia Stotskaya in one of his social networks.

      It should be noted that the fact that the singer is preparing to once again experience the joy of motherhood, does not prevent her to live a full life. The star, until recently, actively worked and toured with the show “Eva”, played a major role in the musical “flying ship”, took part in the filming of the Christmas skits on “Mosfilm” were on show in the Kremlin…

      However, not so long ago Anastasia Stotskaya was politely asked to leave in the decree. Because of the pregnancy she can no longer play the role of Princess in “flying ship”. Anastasia Stotskaya was fired from the musical