Natalie got sick to give birth to a daughter

Натали расхотела рожать дочку
The singer revealed the date of birth and gender of the future baby.


Photo: @Instagram natali_star74 Natalie

Singer Natalie will soon become a large mum. Not so long ago it became known that the family of the actress is expected addition. And recently she opened “all the cards” and frankly talked about what should be held when the birth and what sex will be her third child.

It is known that the 42-year-old Natalie has long dreamed of a daughter. She has a teenage son, and two more some time ago she desperately wanted to give birth to a baby girl. But fate decreed otherwise. As told by the singer, soon her family will have another boy. So in April in the company of boys in her house happens the replenishment.

However, it turned out that this news brought relief to the performer. After the release of the song “my Oh my, what a man,” which returned her to the musical Olympus, she managed to change her mind. The song that contains the line: “And I want you daughter and…”, completely stole her desire to educate girls.

“Before the popularity of the song “Oh my God, what man” I wanted a girl, and after the peak of its popularity — got sick: boys are easier…” — said Natalie.

Meanwhile, the first four months of pregnancy, the singer was extremely difficult. She was tormented by a strong toxicosis, in which she began to lose weight. Difficulties added to the operating schedule Natalie. Despite poor health, she continued to go on stage.