Pregnant Anastasia Stotskaya fired

Беременную Анастасию Стоцкую уволили с работы
The singer was asked to leave the company of the musical “flying ship”.

Anastasia Stotskaya

Recently it became known that Anastasia Stotskaya waiting for
second child: in spite of the pregnancy, the singer decided not to abandon the work in the theater. But recently she was asked
to leave the company of the musical “flying ship”. Artistic Director of the theater politely
asked to leave the artist in the decree. Anastasia plays the role of Princess Fun, and according to the script character must be slim. Some
movement artist, too, may not perform as desired for the scenario. Say sometimes due to poor health
may not come to pass and a couple of times almost came to a breakdown of the final rehearsals.
Despite the short period of pregnancy, the belly Stotsky is already visible. Besides
well ahead of the tour.

We will remind, recently Anastasia Stotskaya disappointed his
fans the news about the health problems: the singer came under a dropper. The artist did not articulate your
diagnosis, but admitted that, without medical care would not have coped with the disease. To
fortunately, Anastasia’s dad is a doctor and was able quite quickly to put
The Stotsky on his feet. “Two days of IVS and I’m almost healthy… said the singer. — Thanks to my dad!
What a blessing that my dad is a doctor, the whole life treats our family! Not
imagine how others live… Not get sick friends, take care!”

The singer has not yet revealed the sex of the baby, but
rumors, she will give her husband another son. Anastasia with her husband for raising
one of the heir — Sasha. Last summer they celebrated the fifth anniversary of his son.