Беременная Анастасия Меськова стоит на голове The expectant mother thus prepares to leave. Anastasia Meskova, a child which will be born in three months, demonstrates a serious physical training. To the questions about risks, star of TV series “Sweet life” says that never does anything to harm the future baby.

      Беременная Анастасия Меськова стоит на голове

      Dancer and actress of the series “Sweet life” Anastasia Meskova, as you know, is preparing to become a mother for the second time. The star of “the Sweet life” Anastasia Meskova is expecting a baby

      Baby star and her lover Alexander will be born in early autumn. Apparently, She easily carries the pregnancy. She’s active, positive and found a new passion – yoga. On his page in Instagram artist published a photo on which she is depicted performing one of the most difficult and important elements of yoga – Shirshasana or a handstand.

      “I finally approached your desire to start doing yoga. It is very pleasant, from the yoga class we walked out very happy and prettier. Next week I will start going to classes,” delight said Anastasia Meskova in the microblog, adding that the period of her pregnancy for twenty-seven weeks.

      Subscribers actress, seeing her in such an unexpected for women, located on the impressive stage of the child’s expectations, the position, and was surprised and scared at the same time. “Applause for such a complex pose! But still, take care of yourself!” “Dancers can do anything!” “Oh, Nastya, you are the hero… I also 27 weeks and I would not dare”, – such comments leave fans of Melikovoy under her post.

      Answering questions about the risks, the dancer explained that yoga is a very good preparation of the body for childbirth. But, of course, emphasized Meskova that headstand during pregnancy need serious physical training that she has. “And then we must start, of course, from his inner voice and status. I would never do something to harm the baby,” explained her approach to yoga star “Sweet life”.

      Беременная Анастасия Меськова стоит на голове

      Recall that it is preparing to become a mother for the second time, Anastasia Meskova she told reporters. It happened in late may on one of the social events. The actress already has a ten year old son Vasily from his first marriage stars with Konstantin Berg. Boy gets along well with the chosen mother. Anastasia often shows pictures with son and parents in social networks. Meskova and the father of her unborn baby while not married, and don’t know when I do. According to star, she has not yet decided what kind of wedding you want: magnificent or modest. Anastasia is preparing for the birth of a child, so her thoughts are now busy with the upcoming motherhood.

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