The tragedy in Karelia: relatives of the dead children for the first time about what they lived

Трагедия в Карелии: близкие погибших детей впервые о том, чем они жили Vasya was expecting a brilliant career – at the age of 13 he already performed with Cirque Du Soleil, Nikita counted the days, when from the camp return to its first love. But their dreams will not come true because of adults.

    Трагедия в Карелии: близкие погибших детей впервые о том, чем они жили

    Two weeks ago in the camp “Syamozero” hear the joyful laughter of students, their summer vacation has just begun, ahead was a week of happiness… now there is dead silence. 18 June in Karelia was a tragedy that shocked the whole country. Four counselors and 47 pupils went camping on the raft and two canoes. Swim was planning on only about ten kilometers. But the storm came, the boat capsized and people were in the water.

    Someone managed to swim to the island and there is almost 12 hours in the cold in wet clothes to wait for help. One girl she got to the nearest village was four hours barefoot. When rescuers arrived, many teenagers froze and was unconscious. Killed 14 children.

    “Forgive us”

    Worn clothes, old textbooks, a pair of transformer robots and LEGO’s all the treasures that were stored in the rank table of the deceased 13-year-old Vasi Todorova.

    In March he had been robbed, dragged the most expensive designer and a tablet – gift from my mother – admits classmate Ilya G. – For her it was a lot of money. She has no parental rights. Visited Vasya rare. Bob after the theft became extremely bitter, have gone to, all the time was sad.

    The share of the boy’s had a lot of challenges – the father left the family when he was only three years. Mother due to severe illness was unable to raise her son and gave custody to boarding school at the Yuri Nikulin Circus.

    “My mom rarely called up, but Bob continued to love her, – says Ilya. – Believed that some day she will take it, maybe that’s why he refused from a good family – not so long ago he wanted to take the good people. And he disagreed. But it could save him”.
    Трагедия в Карелии: близкие погибших детей впервые о том, чем они жили

    Friends Vasya was little. Peers did not understand the strange boy he didn’t misbehave, and read a biography of the beloved Nikulina.

    – He took the tour in the Museum of the circus. We went there, he showed the exhibits, explaining, ” says Julia K. was a magician at the concerts. He expected to have an artistic future. In the past year to us to the orphanage came to the circus “Du Soleil”, they noticed a Bob, praised him and even put together a room. And he always lacked the sweets, and he was panhandling on the street – passers-by were given 5-10 rubles. We sometimes shared with him, but he was ashamed to take something from their peers, who made fun of him.

    Bob loved anything to invent and make, even started his own blog on YouTube, upload video tutorials, for example how to build a gun foil.

    – Bob was the inventor and quiet. Therefore, some believed that it could be fun: taunted, and once even threw things out the window, ” recalls Rita S. – Bob endured to the last, but sometimes frustrated. When once again in his direction said that the lesson he stood up and carefully punched the offender, but his eyes were full of tears.

    To help a boy to cope with the situation and not to withdraw, the teachers took him to a child psychologist. And when informed that in camp “Syamozero” there are a few budget places and there go the children from the orphanage, Vasya was delighted.

    …He was able to muster the strength to swim several miles to shore after the crash. Died on the banks of hypothermia.

    “We wanted to tell you that during the life of a humiliated John, fought with him, wrote the classmates “StarHit”. – But now we are very worried. It is a pity that the mistakes we saw just now, when apologies make have no one… Bob, forgive us, you will always be in our hearts. I hope you all see and know that we love you and will remember”.

    “Hold my hand”

    Together with Bob vacationing classmate Nikita Kalinin. He was 14 years old on the day of mourning for the victims. Of course, no celebration and speeches could not be.

    – About what happened in Karelia, we learned just from Nikita, who wrote us in the group our class of “Vkontakte”: “Bob died. I myself almost died. Died 14 people. There my girlfriend was. I’m so sad right now” (spelling preserved. – Approx. “StarHit”) – shared Rita C. – We were in shock, couldn’t believe it, of course. And then all the news started to twist information and lists…

    Трагедия в Карелии: близкие погибших детей впервые о том, чем они жили

    Blonde with big brown eyes 13-year-old Masha Makarova, dancing and painting. The family is not rich, three children, mother a cleaner, and dad was unemployed. On vacation there was no money, and this year in the Department of social security gave them a coveted ticket! In camp “Syamozero” Masha came for the extreme… and found love. They are blue-eyed hottie Nikita immediately attracted each other’s attention. Lots of talking, laughing, sitting in the dining room. And, of course, when leaders announced the campaign, they went together.

    – When the canoe capsized, Nikita fell hard on the rocks, ” says Julia K. – He even lost consciousness, and then, when he came to himself, he swam to shore. With hypothermia was in the hospital, a miracle the bone was not broken.

    On the way to the doctors the boy asked about friend Bob, and his girlfriend Masha. Their fate learned from emergency workers. Not believing until the last hope, I cried all night. And in the morning after him came father.

    Nikitin dad is deprived of parental rights because an attempt on the mother and was in prison, ” explains Rita. – Mom Nikita also left, my grandmother was unable to take custody… so he came to the orphanage. But I do know that dad had started getting better. They are constantly called up. And as soon as he was informed that there was a trouble, he immediately dropped everything, pulled the son in Petrozavodsk. Took him to Moscow, now all the time together, comes to him to boarding school on the movie leads to cheer. You see, and will return him to custody…”

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