Linden became a mother for the second time

Липа стала мамой во второй раз On Friday, the TV presenter and her husband had a daughter. According to Linden, a girl was born to the music of Tchaikovsky’s “the Nutcracker,” which included a doctor. Stellar mummy was pleasantly surprised.

      Липа стала мамой во второй раз

      Leading Lime Teterich became a mother. On Friday, her daughter was born. About the joyous event television star said at the weekend in his microblog. She posted a picture with the word “Happy.” In the caption, Lipa announced the birth of a child.

      “Thank you all for your good wishes! On Friday we have a daughter. We are infinitely happy! PS From unusual… it happened to the music, I didn’t know is that our doctor always music meets kids – for us, she chose Tchaikovsky’s “the Nutcracker”, which is very symbolic for me,” – said the happy mother.

      Fans stars wish her a joyous event and wish her and her baby’s health. Parents haven’t figured out how to name the baby. Some friends of Linden suggest to give the girl’s name Olivia.

      About pregnancy Linden became known only in April, for a long time, the woman concealed his interesting position. Presenter she announced to fans that their family is expecting a new addition. However, the sex of the baby, she did not disclose.

      The Linden grows eight-year-old son Lavr. Says the star of the screen, the boy wanted him to have a little brother or sister. Presenter admits that he always wanted a big family. She worked through her second pregnancy, passed the necessary examinations and in sports.

      “With the permission of the doctor engaged in sports and swimming, and feel in the water is easy and super-flexible. Also I have my own theory that during pregnancy the woman need something to be inspired, to have some passion. The child is the fruit of love men and women, the Union of their energies, and to “fill” the origin of life, you need to nourish yourself with inspiration – not only healthy food but also healthy thoughts, contemplation of beauty, dreams, Hobbies,” said Linden.

      Some time ago, the host of the show “New wave” went to get an education in the arts. Linden became a student of the faculty of painting at the Surikov Institute. Woman gets great pleasure from drawing and often shows to subscribers microblog their first creation. During the decree of Linden will have more time she can devote to Hobbies.

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