Pregnancy Julia Roberts caused a heated discussion in the media

Беременность Джулии Робертс вызвала бурные обсуждения в СМИ
Four children can save the marriage of the actress.

Беременность Джулии Робертс вызвала бурные обсуждения в СМИ

Julia Roberts

On the Internet lively
discusses the news that Julia Roberts is expecting her fourth child. All
started with the fact that the tabloid Star Magazine reported: Julia is pregnant again! This news came as a complete surprise, however, she is very
cheered and friends and fans of the actress.

The fact that the last
the time in the press leaked information that the marriage of actress experiencing a
the severe crisis. Claimed even, if the spouse of the actress — Danny Moder — moved out of
Roberts mansion. Moreover, they were not
allegations: the paparazzi managed to shoot the moving Modera. To home
the actress in Malibu approached the van in which Danny started shipping their things. A little
found out later where he moved Danny. As it became known, the actress
purchase a separate housing, located not far from their family
nest. And, as it convinced the reporters sitting in ambush, now holds Moder
in his own home almost all the time.

The cause of family conflict,
according to the friends of Danny became a constant desire Julia
to control every step of her husband. Moder was dead tired from the fact that he
had to account for his every move. He began to spend more time outside the family, with friends, which further aggravated the situation. They say Roberts and her husband
tried to resemble sessions to the consultant on marriage, but
progress in their relations are not achieved. In the end, the couple decided
some time to live separately, although he still occasionally visited
family nest…

However, the news of the pregnancy
the actress, according to Star Magazine reporters, radically changed the situation. After all
and Moder, and Roberts never hid the fact that I just love twins and
son Henry, and enjoy my role as the parents. So the news of a possible
the expansion of the family again brought spouses, and their prisuschie felt
broke out with renewed vigor.

Julia Roberts with husband and son

Photo: Splash News/East news

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