The son of Victoria Beckham prepares for engagement

Сын Виктории Бекхэм готовится к помолвке
Roman 17-year-old Brooklyn and his girlfriend is developing rapidly.

Сын Виктории Бекхэм готовится к помолвке

The Chloe Moretz


Brooklyn Beckham

Photo: Splash News/East news

The eldest son of Victoria
Beckham and her husband David, it seems, will soon make a proposal to his girlfriend, actress Chloe Moretz. In
if anything, it playfully hinted myself Chloe, posting in the Network their knees
photo. Of course, Moretz is unlikely to want to make an offer to his friend.
But perhaps she thereby hinted Brooklyn that is waiting for him
such act. By the way, Chloe has already told her friends that she found
her Prince and desperately in love with him.

Interestingly, the above photo was taken during a recent trip to Brooklyn and
The Moretz in London, where they walked the streets arm in arm, did not hesitate
the passers-by. The last couple of months the eldest son of Victoria and Chloe often see together.
Recently, for the opportunity to have fun in the company of his girlfriend on music
the Coachella festival, Brooklyn
even dare to miss a family party to celebrate his mother’s birthday. Than, of course,
hurt Victoria.

time Mrs Beckham not too happy with my eldest son. Of course, in terms
career he has has everything. Brooklyn tries herself as a
photographer, and has already received a very prestigious Commission to do a photo shoot
advertising campaign for Burberry. But Victoria was regarded
carefree attitude of the son towards the girls she thinks that he
too often change their girlfriends.

Now Brooklyn
is going through the second “round” of his romance with Moretz. Their relationship began
in 2014, but then he left her to have an affair with Sonia Ben Ammar. But
Sonya Brooklyn managed to leave to have fun for long in the company of fleeting
girlfriends, to go back to the Chloe. And now he’s obviously in a hurry, boosting their
relationship with Moretz, and this is unlikely to succeed something good…

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