Potapov commented on the rumors about the affair with Nastya Kamenskih

Потап прокомментировал слухи о романе с Настей Каменских

Not long ago, rapper Potap became a free man – he divorced with his wife Irina Gorovoy. The reasons for the gap pair no one called, but secular observers have suggested that here was the place to be the other woman. The other woman was named colleague of Alexey Potapenko (the real name of the actor) on the duet “Potap and Nastya” Nastya Kamensky. It was reported that this summer had to be married couple but it fell through due to a leg injury which she received during a failed parachute jump.

Journalists of the Ukrainian program “Sravi way” was able to communicate with Potapov personal.

Here is how he commented on the rumors about his affair with Kamensky: “the Official information that we submitted the latest is that we with Irina Gorovoy divorced. Everything else is speculation and journalistic fiction. When I want to share my personal life, I will tell the journalists, I’m in love with this woman. I want to marry her. And I’ll tell you.“

By the way, it turned out that the divorce mom and dad still don’t know the General’s son Potap and Irina: “We are not explained at all, because Alex is always touring, never had a moment – just a full family. Artists, I think this does not happen,“ says now ex-wife Potapenko.