Шейк и Купер готовятся к скорой свадьбе

For all it is obvious that the supermodel Irina Shayk is in an interesting position.

According to its environment, the expectant mother incredibly happy. The same emotions were experienced and the father of the future kid actor Bradley Cooper.

Their first child the couple conceived not being painted. But soon Irina and Bradley intend to fix it.

Cooper and Shake are going to get married. Insiders say that Irina already preparing for the wedding.

Celebration stars want to make in the near future, yet my stomach is not as noticeable. Exact date has not yet called. In the organization of the wedding ceremony pair will surely help the mother of the Cooper — Gloria. Before it became known about the pregnancy, the woman idolized Shake, now it is considered almost an angel, sent from heaven to her beloved son: the Mother of Bradley and Irina are very close. When Gloria found out that will become a grandmother, she was a complete joy. It really is very kind. Even when Bradley is away on business or at work, Irene and Gloria met and spent a lot of time together.”