Politician demands an apology from Robert De Niro

Политик требует извинений от Роберта Де Ниро

A resident of long island and a local politician Dean HART isn’t laughing at the movie “comedian”, and even on the contrary – he is fuming and demands an apology from the actor Hollywood actor Robert De Niro.

Offended the man believes that the artist should be a public apology for his bad jokes about their place of residence.
In the film, the character De Niro – an absurd stand-up comedian says during a speech: “I have looked up “Hexval” in Wikipedia. It means “bad education” and “pure amphetamine””.
“I would like to see how De Niro would say we have it easy in the middle of the street. I think he will not be very fun,” grumbled HART applying soon on the official seat. The politician calls to boycott the film festival of Robert Tribeca Film Festival, while De Niro doesn’t apologize.
The actor doesn’t understand what could be the claim to the executor of a role, if all they said on the screen written in the script.
“I don’t want to disappoint you, but Robert De Niro didn’t say that. His character embodied them on the screen had to say these words because they are written in the script for the film” — reads the statement of the representative.