Felicity Jones is married to Director Charles Garda

Фелисити Джонс выходит замуж за режиссера Чарльза Гарда

The star of the films “Inferno” and “Rogue-one: Star wars. The history of” felicity Jones has received an offer of marriage from the beloved Director Charles Garda. While the official statement pairs about the event there, but many insiders confirm this information.

Note that personal life felicity never had a lot of information. In 2013, she completed a ten-year affair with sculptor ed Familism, and then again disappeared from the radar of journalists. About a new relationship Jones also know nothing at all. For two years in a serious relationship actress and Director only twice went out together.
But in an interview with felicity not like to speculate on subjects of family and children. Recently, she stated that she would not leave a film career, and trying to find a balance.
“I know a lot of successful Actresses who have been a movie star, and to educate children. I can even say that they are stronger and more determined than those women who have no children,” says felicity. Well, let’s see how that’s gonna work with her.