Polina Maksimova provoked an international scandal

Полина Максимова спровоцировала международный скандал The girl said that a group of tourists from abroad often interfere with the other residents of megacities on the streets. The girl was accused of nationalism and intolerant attitudes towards people from other countries. The actress was quick to make excuses for the behavior.
Полина Максимова спровоцировала международный скандал

The star of the series “Deffchonki” Polina Maksimova became a member of an international scandal. In the microblog actress posted a controversial video in which unflattering spoke to the tourists who visit Moscow in the summer. The girl was traveling in the center of the capital, a tour group probably prevented her to continue.

“I can blame, but the stupid Chinese capture Kutuzov” – said Maximov, taking tourists from the car window.

Followers criticized the actress for such a statement. Many believe that she has behaved improperly in relation to the guests of the capital. “It seemed smart,” “Well, she knows that she’s a dumb blonde,” “that’s racist!”, “Had another opinion about it” – reacted to the situation users of the Network. Pauline wanted to justify himself, but even more angered fans. She noted that joked about the intelligence of the Asian nation.

“A little bit sick of Muscovites and Petersburgers a travelling Chinese. They interfere with the inhabitants of the metropolis, so like me, nasty dumb blonde, to work, to move freely on the road, to the area. Settle down with their comments,” added the actress.

A new mini-video in the “Instagram” Maksimova said that way of thinking is not connected with the person’s nationality. The actress apologized for such judgments. “Among the Russians there are too many stupid people. Okay, I’m not a nationalist and not a Nazi, well, I’m imperfect, I’m sorry,” said Pauline.

Previously, Maximov has never been seen in such scandals. The actress earned an impeccable reputation, distinguishing itself with the sense of duty and substituting crew. Soon the screens will be a countdown, which ended in Saint Petersburg. Partner artist project became a talented Yuri Kolokolnikov.

Star “Devchonok” focused, so not yet thinking about creating a family. Maximov wants to meet their soul mate. Despite the popularity and beauty, the artist is not easy to find a man with whom she could spend the rest of my life. According to the girl, the companion needs to be understanding to her work. Polina herself admits that in love cannot concentrate on the text of roles, as he was constantly thinking about the object of attention. Star “Devchonok” complex because of unsettled personal life